Hopeful Me; message to Carrie Hope Fletcher

“A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.
                —Elizabeth Fishel”

An honest message to my inspiration.


Hi Carrie!

I address this directly to you in the hope that you will read it someday. Okay, so, here it goes.

Hi. I am a subscriber of your youtube channel for the past year. I got to know about you from a video by Dan Howell. But his saying, go check out Carrie’s channel was not the reason I subscribed. In fact, it did take me a month to subscribe to your channel after I had known of its existence. It was the content that made me keep coming back and hearing your opinions. Some of the opinions, I shared, and some, I didn’t. That does not mean I do not value your opinion. I do. In fact, I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I have since then started reading your blog religiously and coming back to your youtube channel in the hope of finding a new video. Ofcourse, hearing that there have been times where you have felt like deleting your channel was a blow. You are one of the people I respect the most (whether I agree with all your opinions or not, it’s okay!) and I was so happy to hear that you were proud of your content. I am too! 🙂

I am looking forward to reading your novel (which you mentioned in one of your videos to be an extension of your blog). Also, don’t ever feel obligated to share everything happening in your life. I like you as Gryffindor. And if this was Hogwarts, we would probably be in the same house!

Carrie, this message was inspired by the unscripted video that you posted with Ben. I am happy about the way you feel about certain things, because in my opinion, they make you a bigger, better and more human of a person.

I send forth to you my best wishes!

Thank you for always being my honorary big sister!
Thanks di (elder sister with respect in my culture are called di or didi)

I really hope you see this.
Lots of love
Srish. Xx




This is the after message bit for my readers;

First of, who is Carrie Hope Fletcher?
She is an English vlogger, blogger, and Eponine in Les Miserables (theatre show). If you want to know about her, please check out her Youtube channel and her blog. She is also my biggest inspiration and my honorary big sister 😀

Why am I writing this?
I wanted to send a message to Carrie. This is the only place where I can write my mind. And this is where I could send forth my views 🙂 

What is the video I wrote this in response to?

If you would like my message answered by Carrie, please tweet it to her? Her twitter is @CarrieHFletcher and mine is @SrishBlogs 

Thanks and I will see you next time! 


Living Life Vicariously | Srish

Hello everyone!

It’s obsession week on L4W and here is my post! I hope you like it 😀


Hey Guys!

How have you been? It Tuesday here on L4W and you know what that means (I guess I was on a Grace Helbig marathon 😛 ).  It’s time for Tangled Tuesdays with Srish! So the theme this week is ‘Obsessions’ week. I am a little too obsessed with a little too much, so this post may be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.


First and foremost, I am obsessed with Romance. I am a dreamer and I read, write and breathe romance. If I was on another planet where a physical aura would surround you, it will probably be a plethora of hearts. Ohh, and a lot of chocolates! I love chocolates, and if there could be one food item I could have for the rest of my life, it would probably be chocolate.

It is here that I mention how I am obsessed (musically) with One Direction (

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A Poem For Jacksgap

A new poem dedicated to Jacksgap on my poetry blog! I hope thou like it! 😀


Hey everyone! If you read my other blog, you may be aware that I really like Jack and Finn Harries. Commonly known by their YouTube name ‘Jacksgap’. When I visited North East India last year, while writing the travelogue and being on the road, I had ample amount of free time on my hands, which is when I wrote a poem dedicated to the phenomenon, that is ‘JacksGap’.

Jacksgap; An Inspiration

Finn Finn the better twin,
Looks like Jack, Jack looks like him.
Jacksgap is the channel to see,
YouTube is the air we breathe.

Jack Jack you’re a fine lad,
But you don’t notice me, that’s quiet sad.
But you’re videos are seriously amazing,
In twin challenges you’re an epic win!

Sidney, the dragon is quiet creepy,
Somehow he always looks sleepy.
Your travel blogs are a treat to see,
Dear Finn and Jack, you really inspire me.


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My Top Videos of The Month | March ’14

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the monthly post wherein I talk to you guys about the videos that I have been loving in the month. I used to do this weekly, but I feel like monthly is a better idea! 🙂

So without further ado, here we go!

Favourite Beauty video: These are non heat sock curls! I’m in love with this because I do not use heat too much. So I feel like these work perfectly!

An inspirational Video: This is quiet in relation with what I spoke about on the Culture week on L4W

Favorite Collab: So many youtubers have done collaborations this past month. It was really hard to pick one, but I did and here it is! 😀 (also omg Lily and Connor did a collab! I am jumpingggggggggggg)

DIY Video: I love DIY stuff. I do them all the time on my own, and lately I have fallen in love with the DIYs that Andrea does. So here is my favourite from the month of march! 🙂

This is all for this month! I love watching all these awesome youtubers, they are so creative and amazing! 😀

See you next time
Srish. Xx

My Phan Art ❤


Hey guys!

Today I am going to talk to you all about 2 inspiring people. They are Dan Howell and Phil Lester. They make video blogs on YouTube. I love watching them and they never fail to make me laugh. They did what they loved to do and have achieved lots in life. They are not only YouTube stars, but also have their own show on BBC radio 1. So as a way to show them my love, I made this little ‘Phan Art’ (in case you didn’t know, their ship name is Phan).

I hope you liked it!

I will see you soon 🙂

Guess that Tweet Challange | Srish asks Snigdha

Hey Guys!

I just posted the Guess that tweet challenge in which I g0t a score of 1/5. It’s time to search Sniggy’s Tweet knowledge 😛 So I picked out some tweets for her and she had to guess who tweeted them! So, here we go!

1. wow me so sleepy (Youtuber)
Snigdha’s Guess: Jc Caylen
Wrong! The right answer is Ricky Dillon. 



2.  here’s an example: I don’t like cauliflower, SO I DONT EAT IT. ITS THAT EASY (youtuber)
Snigdha’s Guess: Dan Howell.
Woops, it’s the wrong answer. This is actually Slaybecca. I mean, Rebecca Black.

Clearly, it's not Dan! :P

Clearly, it’s not Dan! 😛

3.  I ate a grasshopper yesterday. (Celeb)
Snigdha’s Guess: Dylan O’Brian
Noooo. The right answer is Harry Styles!

Clearly, grass-hop-ppppperrrs

Clearly, grass-hop-ppppperrrs

4. when it comes to advice, giving tends to be a lot easier than asking for me (youtuber)
Snigdha’s Guess: Connor Franta

Yayyie Right!

Yayyie Right!

5. imagined pia in a potato sack. I should sleep (someone you know)
Snigdha’s Guess: Isha
You win Piggy. Its the right answer!



Snigdha’s score is 2/5! And Snigdha wins by one point!
And the winner of the series is Snigdha!!! If you want to see round 1 of this game, you can click here, and it will take you to that page. Also, this was inspired by Ricky Dillon and Andrea Russett’s collab, and it was a fun game!

See you soon,
Srish and Snigdha ❤

Guess that Tweet Challenge | Snigdha Asks Srish

Hey guys!

So I have been loving YouTube this past week (Ok…I have always loved YouTube) and recently Ricky and Andrea did the guess the tweeter challenge. So, Snigdha and I decided to do the same!

Snigdha picked out five tweets for me and I did the same for her. I hope you guys enjoy our stupid, silly and cute challenge.  So here we go!

The ones that Snigdha picked out and I had to guess:

1. Morning coffee is like a round trip to heaven. (Someone you know)
My Guess: It’s you Snigdha!

Clearly I was Right!

Clearly I was Right!

2.  booshka booshka (Youtuber/Singer)
My Guess: Connor Franta
I was sooooooo wrong. It was Trevor Moran

Yep, I was wrong

Yep, I was wrong

3. i’m a sucker for a nice smile & a pair of beautiful eyes (Youtuber)
My Guess: Jc Caylen
I was wrong! The correct answer is Connor Franta

Wrong again!

Wrong again!

4. You’re Basic. (youtuber)
My Guess: Ricky Dillon
Well, yeah, I was wrong. It’s actually Kian Lawley

I understand that.

I understand that.

5.  I always want food at the most unusual time of the day (Youtuber)
My Guess: Connor Franta.
Wrong for the fourth time. It was Marcus Butler. 

Same sentiments.

Same sentiments.

So my final score is….. 1/5. Ummm 20%, could have been worse 😛

I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did you can also check out Ricky Dillon and Andrea Russett do the challenge and do try it! And while are at it go check out Snigdha she writes wonderful and I will see you next time!

See you soon!
Srish and Snigdha ❤