One Bad Apple

It is said that usually when you have one bad apple in  bowl of apples, the bad one ends up corroding all the good ones. 

Hey guys! 

Two posts in a row! I am on  roll today. I was thinking about how things, people and circumstances influence our daily life. How ten good things can be ruined just by one bad moment. Even after the thought of how positivity out-rules the negative, you know, good outweighs evil, I still can’t fathom why unfavourable things still do happen. When I say that, I do not mean death or bad grades. I mean the wrong that happens in this world on a daily basis. 

We as human beings were not provided  with a 1400 cc brain to create evil. The world is a beautiful place and so are we. Sometimes, I feel like all everyone needs to do is open their eyes and look around. Look at the little squirrels climbing the tree, the birds chirping and the pigeons creating a chaos. The trees dancing in the wind and the silent music of the breeze all tell us how amazing this creation is. 

So guys, lets nurture ourselves to become good human beings. Let us all open our wings and fly high and let us be that Good apple which can do the undoable and turn that bad apple into a good one. Let’s spread joy and beauty 🙂 

See you all Good apples next time

Stay beautiful

Srish. xx


The Truth About Lies| Srish and Muskaan

Hey guys!

I’m here today with one of my best friends ever, the one and only Muskaan! We were on a call today and were discussing how often we lie and what are the most common things people generally lie about. We decided to put up a list of the same, and here it goes!

1) Awwwh that’s such a sweet b’ day present! Thank you so much –  It is like a rote learned remark accompanied by a fake grin that you give while receiving gifts. You know it’s the worst gift you could have ever gotten.

2) This tastes delicious grandma –  It’s probably horrible and you can’t swallow another bite but you say this to your Grandma just to make her smile.

3) I was late because of a family emergency – I just overslept and forgot that there was something known as ‘school’ for a while. 


4) I am not feeling well, I can’t go to school today mommy – I am tired and I feel like cuddling with my blanket for just a little bit longer.

5) I’m fine – That’s one thing girls say most often. Someone once told me, “whenever a girl says she’s fine, a guy should beware”. It’s the time when the girl will totally EAT YOU UP.


6) That dress looks so good on you – Probably not your best outfit.

7) I was not waiting for your call – Even though you were desperately waiting for your phone to ring, you say this. It became obvious when you answered on the first ring.

8) I’ll start dieting from Monday – ‘Monday’ is a code for noneday.

9) I did not do it – Obviously you didn’t. Miracles do happen sometimes.Image

10) I don’t lie – Yeah, ofcourse you don’t. It just happens to feel like you’re lying every time. Stop making up stories and get a life 🙂

I hope you guys liked it! Please press the star down there and tell me some more common lies that you have come across! Muskaan and I would really like to see your views!

See you later guys!

Srish and Muskaan ❤

A Shredded Heart, A Goodbye? Never.

BEFORE YOU READ: This is unlike my usual posts. This is about someone who is extremely special in my life. I have never had the guts to show him this, and I guess I never will. But hey, instead I share it with the entire world. And if this person does stumble upon this, I love you, even more than your shadow. 


Mostly disturbing but still so true. I told you I missed you and the fact that I loved you, over and over again. You still did not see. I may not have hoped for you to understand, but you told me you did. You gave me that hope. I guess I should be verbal like those others, you know the ones, but I am not.

I was hoping for something, yes it’s true. My heart was lead astray – towards the balcony of that cute boy living next door. You were sweet, and we were instantly friends. At five years old, I knew you held a special place in my heart, well, I did loose my first tooth on your birthday.

I could lie and tell you that I cried. Because, trust me, I really wanted to, but even the tears have died. My heart has been shredded into pieces so many times that it is impossible to mend. So now, instead of tears and emotions, I have a deep hollow space It’s a void which I hope someone would fill someday. But maybe, my heart has decided that it was meant only for one.

So, I knew you ARE my special. I also know that I won’t ever be your ‘special’. But I am sorry that I have to repeat it over and over again, I can’t mend this broken piece of work. I wish sometimes that my heart was a ‘fill in the blanks’ worksheet, and I would instantly know all the right answers. But no, it’s not.

You said that goodbye, and it seemed final.

But the sorry? That was just an added accessory. My heart doesn’t want to accessorize, it wants to stay natural.

I guess I miss you and I always will. I love you too. But I guess you already know that.


You said I was special

for you it seemed.

But she said you were special

for her.


But as you shattered my heart

it made me want to cry.

But even the last drop of tears

had already run dry.


So here’s to the seventeen years

I spent knowing you, loving you

and I probably won’t stop,

Just like the morning dew.


But I know she’s better than me

I get that the rest are ‘more’.

But I guess it was my heart 

that doesn’t want to be sure.


You were a part of me

even before I knew it

So if I am not yours,

I understand, I’ll find my way.


I have been lost before

a million starry times

but I will teach this beating beast

to shut down this time.


‘Cause I can’t handle more,

I guess I’m done.

My heart comes with a logo,

that says, ‘handle with care’

I think the logo has been washed away

and so has that lovely day.