My Top Videos of The Week | February Week 2

Hey Guys!

I am back with the top videos of the week. I have been watching old videos and have found out a few that need to be mentioned! I hope you enjoy watching these videos that I picked out from the depths of my subscription box 🙂

Now Carrie Hope Fletcher is one of my favourites! And when she does her fairy fails videos, it’s the coolest thing ever. Also, this one in particular made me ponder about the magical world of fairy tales. Meet Snow White and the Seven old grumpy men 7 times snow white’s age! 😛

A day doesn’t go without me watching his videos. Joey Graceffa has just put up a cover on his channel and it’s so amazing (this isn’t throwback, this happened yesterday) and that is ofcourse worth mentioning as one of my top videos of the week! 🙂

Okay, so my ultimate youtube ship Troyler aka Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley just made a video together and I couldn’t have written this post without mentioning it! So, well, Tyler made The Boyfriend Tag and that had to be mentioned! 😛

Alex Day talks about his relationship with Carrie (Carriemon, another fave ship) but what actually inspired me about this video was when he spoke about both individuals in a relationship need to move away from their own path and have to find a common part together. It was beautiful 🙂

Now it comes down to beauty video. My favourite beauty video this week would be the Valentine’s Day get ready with me by Bebexo! Ohh and while you are at it, and you love styling your hair, you should check out her hair hair tutorials. They actually make my day!

Now I leave you with a Ricky Dillon’s cover of Midnight Memories by One Direction! 😀

Well guys, there is a short announcement that I wanted to make. This segment on my blog would be turning into My top videos of the Month, instead of week. But, I will add more videos from all mine (and hopefully yours) favourite youtubers 🙂
Also, I have a twitter! You can go find me on @SrishBlogs on twitter. I’m always up for a little chat!

See you next time
Srish. xx


The Music Tag | Srish and Snigdha

Hey Guys! I am back with one of my friends today to do another collab tag! Snigdha and I decided to do a music related collab and hence, here it is, The Music Tag! We talk about some of our favourite music and even the most embarrassing ones. I hope you guys enjoy!

Music Tag

1. Favorite band/ musician of the moment

Srish: To be honest this year I have listened to a lot of Hunter Hayes and One Direction. Along with that I also started listening to a lot of old songs and artists like Madonna and Backstreet Boys. At the moment, I think Hunter Hayes is my favourite!

Snigdha: currently, I am totally in love with R5.

2. One band you always come back to

Srish: The only bands I usually listen to are One Direction and Backstreet Boys. Little Mix are also cool! But if I had to chose a band, I’d say One Direction. Other than them, the artist who I always come back to is Enrique Iglesias!

Snigdha: I always come back to Marianas Trench. They never get old for me. And of course, Blue Oyster Cult is a forever favorite too.

3. Favorite movie soundtrack

Srish: This is really old, but my favourite movie soundtrack and that is, The Sound of Music!

Snigdha: Has to be the from the Step Up movies.

4. What is/are your favorite song(s) of all time?

Srish: Escape, Hero and Do you know by Enrique; Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes, Papa don’t preach by Madonna, any and every song by ABBA, You are my destiny by Lionel Richie…..and the list could just go on!

Snigdha:  Wheel in the Sky by Journey

5. Most embarrassing song on your playlist 

Srish: Best of both worlds – Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Ummm….yeah.

Snigdha: Okay, fine.  It is Old Blue Jeans by Miley Cyrus. Don’t judge me.

6. Top 3 played songs in your playlist

Srish: Storm Warning – Hunter Hayes (I figured), Kabira – Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani (a beautiful Bollywood song) and I love it – Icona Pop (what? I heard it like twice?!?!) 

Snigdha: One: Loud (R5); Two: A billion hits (Ross Lynch); Three: Waiting for Superman (Daughtry)

7. Most underrated musician in your opinion

Srish: Have you heard of Troye Sivan? (I guess you probably have…). He is super talented (known for his role as Spud, as a youtuber and for his song – The fault in our Stars) and I would be the first one to buy his album once he releases it. Catch back on his latest, the 2013 song:

Snigdha: For me, it is a tie between Allstar Weekend and Coco Jones.

8. Favorite quote or song lyric

Srish: “I don’t wanna be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and my peace of mind
I’m tired of looking ’round rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I’m supposed to be, I don’t wanna be anything other than me” 

Snigdha: “And when I look behind
On all my younger times
I’ll have to thank the wrongs
That led me to a love so strong.”

Okay guys! I hope you liked it. I tag all of you out there to do this tag! (Let us know if you do and we will surely check it out).

See ya next time

Srish & Snigdha ❤

Reacting To Youtubers’ Tweets

Hey there guys!

So today I wanted to react to various tweets sent by some very popular youtubers. I had recently done a poll on what you guys would like me to write about, and the majority votes (43% to be exact) wanted me to write about youtubers. But instead of ranting about why I love them so much, I will be analysing some of their tweets!

Sidenote: I mean no offense to anyone, it is all in good humour. Even these youtubers should know by now that I love them to bits! ❤

Connor Franta’s Bagel:

Connor's Bagel

Marcus Butler’s Thumbnail:

Marcus Thumbnail

Marcus Butler Pretends….:

Marcus Sheep

Tyler Oakley’s sass:

Tyler's sassJacksgap’s Surprise:

Jacksgap surprise

Caspar Lee’s Fasting

Caspar's Fast Ricky Dillon’s Wild Nap:

Ricky in the wilderness

Amazing Phil’s compliment:


Science lessons with Danisnotonfire:

Science with Dan

Troye Sivan’s Autocorrect Dilemma:

Troye's bed

I hope you guys like this! I spent a lot of time editing these pictures. Everything is in good humour and I hope you found it fun! 😀

Is there something specific you would like me to write about? Let me know!

See ya later

Srish. xx

Eradicating #FirstWorldProblems

Hey Guys!

So I have come across people talking about many of their ‘first world problems’ on social media or in everyday life. It is generally forgotten that the people talking about the same are privileged enough and so, I decided it’s time to eradicate these pet peeves/first world problems!

But, no work can be done alone that easily. So, I introduce you to my best friend Nanaki, who is here to help remove, once and for all, the most important problems in the world (yep, everything was ironic in this sentence)!

The most common of all, Earphones get tangled in my bag

Don’t worry guys, there is an answer for that!


No more tangling earphones!

Or you could just put a rubber band after assembling the wires…..

Forgetting to carry phone charger

The best solution for this is, guess? Well, buy as many phone chargers as the number of bags and automobiles you have. Then, no matter where you go, you will definitely have a charger with yourself. (not the most economical idea, but I’m hoping it’ll work).

Loud chewing

Loud chewing is the worse-est peeve ever. Maybe some tape? or dieting?
Traffic “you know what I mean if you are a citizen of India” 
Following traffic rules doesn’t actually take much time. Just be disciplined. ( i just want to throw it out for discussion as it really damages the vehicles and hurts people)


It began as a good thing. It was for people to start self introspection, to think that yep, I have one life, and I have to live it to the fullest. Then, it became annoying when people started using it for silly things. And now, it’s being used ironically.
The best solution for this is given by none other than my favourite youtuber Danisnotonfire! His video says it all!

Wanting take laptop outside but wifi doesn’t reach

It is impossible to make a wifi with a range of 10m work beyond that limit. Besides, being in the coziness of your room isn’t such a bad idea! 😉

Hashtagging everything so that your instagram is a 1000km long.

Maybe you should practice writing one hashtag per photograph. That will probably help to eventually eradicate the excessive hashtag use! 😛

Want to know more annoying instagram problems? Check out this video by Troye Sivan :

The other most common Pet Peeves are :

  • Knowing a particular word but not being able to recall it at the correct moment.
  • Liking EVERY single page on facebook even if it doesn’t concern you.
  • Too many smileys. (even i do it if I’m over- excited)
  • Forgetting to carry a new notebook and then running around borrowing pages.
  • Stepping in water while wearing socks
So guys, the easiest way, at the end of the day, (unintentional rhyme. o.O) is to be more practical. And this is coming from two teenagers living in India, which, btw, is not yet a first world country.
Did we miss anything? Let us know. Also, how would you like to eradicate these first world problems? Comment, like and share guys!
Know more about Nanaki! She is my best friend, a cool buddy to hang out with and occasionally share lunches with.  We share a common interest in boys, youtubers and all things awesome!
See you next time
Srish and Nanaki! xoxo

Youtube Addiction Questions!


Methods of Procastination! 😛


So guys, today I will be answering some youtube/youtuber related questions!

1) First youtuber you ever watched? – Geekslayer (

2) Kind of youtube videos you like? – Sketch comedy + vlogs

3) One youtuber that inspires you? – Charlie McDonnell (‎)

4) One youtuber that you can watch all day? – Dan Howell (  

5) Youtuber with the best laugh? – Tyler Oakley


6) Youtuber with the best butt? – Marcus Butler

7) Best youtube ship? – Okay so guys, for this I have 3!! Troyler, Zalfie and Janya! Take your pick!

8) Favourite youtube video? – Wow! That;s tricky. But I guess, any video off of the Indian House series by Geekslayer73!

9) Inspirational Draw my life? – Dan Howell’s!

10) Most interactive draw my life – Ryan Higa (

11) Best Youtuber collabs? – Dan And Phil and Jacksgap + Tyler Oakley    

12) Most awesome series on Youtube? – The ‘Special AuGuest’ series!

13) Most favourite ‘Geek Week’ video? – ‘I Can’t Even’ by Crabstick

14) Best outro in a video? – Troye Sivan!!

15) Youtuber that makes you realize weird things? – Phil Lester


16) Youtuber with innovative ideas? – Jack and Finn Harries

If you would also like to answer this, feel free to copy these questions, And also leave me a link with your answers!
Loads of Love

A Cheeky Preview – Youtube!!

Hello There!

So, most of you may not be aware of who I am, and those who are, are probably my friends or my family. After a year and a half of poems, I decided it was time for me to actually ‘blog’. Now I ask myself, ‘What should I blog about?’. Me? My World (not-so-justin-bieber-edition)?

It is different for me to write about myself. I usually restrict my writing to the world, or what I see in it. I have had a blogspot page for over five years now,and about two years ago I made my wordpress page. However, I have never really written much about things that I like doing or that I fancy (for all Americans out there, fancy means like).

So guys, welcome to my life; it’s a cheeky preview!

So recently, YouTube has gone up the charts! And, also, it has become an entertainment system, like a personal television having shows that you can decide when and where to see, and shows that you can switch.

The most addicting youtubers are those that have the most entertaining content, and for all those of you out there, living under a rock, or in Narnia, where internet could not reach earlier, go on and take a look at these cheeky youtubers! It’s another crazy world out there!

So first off, I will let you see for yourself what fun youtube can be when you are bored at home, tired from a school project or can’t sleep at night.

The best place to start (the list is in no particular order, as all you youtubers out there, doing your thing are amazing) is:

  • JACKSGAP!!!! JacksGap, JacksGap, five minutes of your life that you won’t get back! JacksGap is a channel created by Jack Harries, who now shares it with his twin brother Finn! It is better that you watch them for yourself!

JacksGap – Twins

  • DICASP!!!A channel created by Caspar Lee, a South African youtuber living in London, sure to entertain you!

Caspar Lee – What is One Direction

  • POINTLESSBLOG!!! A channel created by Alfie Deyes, with fun filled challenges and awesome collabs! See it for yourself!

PointlessBlog – Girls Are Confusing

  • ZOELLA!!! For all the girls out there, this is the channel that you must follow!

Zoella – Draw my life

  • MARCUSBUTLERTV!!! Helloooooooooooooooooooo! yeah, that’s the catch phrase of the 21st century!

MarcusButlerTv – Things that only happen in movies

  • TROYE SIVAN!!! Catch this awesome Australian youtuber and singer, a definite thumbs up!

Troye Sivan – Sexy Youtubers

  • IISUPERWOMANII!!! For all Desi’s out there, this is THE channel to see!

IISuperwomanII – Types of kids at school

  • GEEKSLAYER!!! The first ever youtube channel that I subscribed to! His videos (with loads of masalaare a must watch!

GeekSlayer – LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It Parody – Indian and I Know It

So it’s past midnight and I am really tired. I am also aware that I missed out many other really awesome youtubers like Jim Chapman, Tyler Oakley, Tanya Burr, DanIsNotOnFire, Sam Pepper and many many more!

But guys, it’s my youtube time and then I am off to sleep!

See Ya Later Guys!!!