Topsy turvy sisters (A Poem)

Hey everyone!

I was going through my old notebooks and papers the other day. In that, I found a four/five year old exam paper. On the back of it I had written a poem for my best friend Muskaan. It’s quiet hilarious and slightly weird, but it’s cute and I thought I’d share it on here!

A story with a song,
which starts with a ding dang dong.
Well, if this makes you laugh out loud,
that’s what we do sitting on the couch.
Studies can finish in minutes,
and with us, boys make digits.
Don’t be shocked! We’re young teenagers
and up for well, we don’t have interest in power rangers.
Love is the recent chapter of our books,
Muskaan and Srishti, yeah that’s the look.
We’re topsy turvy sisters,
Once again,we talk about each other’s misters,
We’re topsy turvy friends,
having topsy turvy trends,
In a topsy turvy world,
We’re a case to unfurl! 

I cringe every time I read it. We were so stupid back then. But I love you Muskaan, you’re my best friend and someone I can always count on! 🙂

See you next time,
Srish. Xx


A Shredded Heart, A Goodbye? Never.

BEFORE YOU READ: This is unlike my usual posts. This is about someone who is extremely special in my life. I have never had the guts to show him this, and I guess I never will. But hey, instead I share it with the entire world. And if this person does stumble upon this, I love you, even more than your shadow. 


Mostly disturbing but still so true. I told you I missed you and the fact that I loved you, over and over again. You still did not see. I may not have hoped for you to understand, but you told me you did. You gave me that hope. I guess I should be verbal like those others, you know the ones, but I am not.

I was hoping for something, yes it’s true. My heart was lead astray – towards the balcony of that cute boy living next door. You were sweet, and we were instantly friends. At five years old, I knew you held a special place in my heart, well, I did loose my first tooth on your birthday.

I could lie and tell you that I cried. Because, trust me, I really wanted to, but even the tears have died. My heart has been shredded into pieces so many times that it is impossible to mend. So now, instead of tears and emotions, I have a deep hollow space It’s a void which I hope someone would fill someday. But maybe, my heart has decided that it was meant only for one.

So, I knew you ARE my special. I also know that I won’t ever be your ‘special’. But I am sorry that I have to repeat it over and over again, I can’t mend this broken piece of work. I wish sometimes that my heart was a ‘fill in the blanks’ worksheet, and I would instantly know all the right answers. But no, it’s not.

You said that goodbye, and it seemed final.

But the sorry? That was just an added accessory. My heart doesn’t want to accessorize, it wants to stay natural.

I guess I miss you and I always will. I love you too. But I guess you already know that.


You said I was special

for you it seemed.

But she said you were special

for her.


But as you shattered my heart

it made me want to cry.

But even the last drop of tears

had already run dry.


So here’s to the seventeen years

I spent knowing you, loving you

and I probably won’t stop,

Just like the morning dew.


But I know she’s better than me

I get that the rest are ‘more’.

But I guess it was my heart 

that doesn’t want to be sure.


You were a part of me

even before I knew it

So if I am not yours,

I understand, I’ll find my way.


I have been lost before

a million starry times

but I will teach this beating beast

to shut down this time.


‘Cause I can’t handle more,

I guess I’m done.

My heart comes with a logo,

that says, ‘handle with care’

I think the logo has been washed away

and so has that lovely day.

I can’t let you go…

This lie’s become a part of meImage
For months, I’ve played this game
Acting like it doesn’t hurt
Each time I hear his name,

Ignoring what’s inside of me
Pretending I’ve moved on
As if the feelings I once had
For him are somehow gone,

Spending each and every day
With happiness and laughs
Forgetting all our memories
Avoiding photographs,

But last night when I saw him
For the first time since he left
My heart stopped for a moment
I couldn’t catch my breath,

When suddenly it hit me
As the tears started to flow
That even after all this time
I just can’t let him go !!!

A Man, A Tiger and A Boat

Some movies are made to watch once,  and others, we watch again and again. Everyone has a different reason to watch these works of art over and over again. One might like the actors, the story, the fantasy or the fiction. Some, like me, may like the truth and the message that lies beyond the works.

ImageI saw Life of Pi, for the second time today. I did not particularly watch it for Suraj Sharma, the tiger, or the story. I saw it to bring back my faith in Myself. Over the past few months, I felt like I was missing a part of me. There is too much competition in this world, too much pressure to study and keep up. I had lost that ray of hope, and I did want it back.

Unintentionally, I ended up watching Life Of Pi, and it had one repeated message “Above all, don’t lose hope“.

The movie when watched the first time, gave me the same message, but back then, I could not understand the deeper meaning of it. This beautiful journey of a man, a tiger and a boat tells us that we are all a small part of this huge world. And if we keep faith, no matter how bad a turmoil we are stuck in, the power up there, guiding us, will help us on our way. When we give our 100% and surrender the rest to Him above, then even when we will find obstacles on our way, we would know how to survive.

We do not have much experience of the world, we haven’t seen or experienced what is out there. It is time that we open up our wings and seize the opportunities that come our way.

I would leave you all with a poem that I wrote on my main blog :

Okay Guys! Let me know what you thought about the movie in the comments below!


Don’t Break The Chain


For a massive procrastinator such as me, it is highly essential to find ways to make myself work. I am a hard-worker, but only once I do eventually get up-to doing the desired task. So, this time I stumbled upon a way to make myself work. This rule is called; Don’t Break The Chain. 

For this all you need is a copy of the calendar and a marker pen! Dash out the day if you have done the required task and make sure to do it everyday so it becomes a chain. It will ensure that you will be able to finish the desired task.

I am leaving a link to Charlie’s video (charlieissocoollike), it makes more sense, and you can understand the ‘chain rule’ much better!


Charlieissocoollike – Don’t Break The Chain


Hope this helps you as much as it helped me! Thanks Charlie!


Let me know your ways to make yourselves get up and about to work in the comment section below! I’d love to know!!

See you guys later!

Srish .xx

Question Marks of A Teenage Life

As today follows through, the doubts still remain, the confusion is still the same. 


Hello World!


It’s time to finally address the questions every teenager has in their life. Let’s start from the basics, and I hope you all can relate.

Q1) Is the friend circle that I am in right for me? 
Now this was probably my most important question. As I went to senior school, I had to build  up a friendship with new people, and the most difficult part was to decide whether my choices are right or not. To all those people who are in this phase, if you like and enjoy someone’s company, then go ahead and shake a hand of friendship and don’t care about what anyone thinks! If you enjoy talking to t socially awkward kid in the class, lend a hand of friendship. It’ll be worth it. I promise! 🙂

Q2) Is popularity everything?
For me, being popular in school meant hanging out with cringe worthy people. That wasn’t so much fun as it is hanging out with my current mates. So dear all, if you are popular then cool! But if you aren’t, and you do not enjoy the ‘cool kidz’ company, don’t torture yourself! No one will find a future depending upon the popularity circle they were in at school.

Q3) Influence by friends,good or bad?
Keep. Your. Boundaries. Teenage is the age where most teens are given a platform to experience life, learn and grow. It is the time when many people wish to influence you. Just remember, hear what they are saying, but be logical and do what you  think is right. And always, no matter what, keep your boundaries.

Hey guys we all have a voice! Let me know what are your opinions. Also mention what your doubts and questions were/are as a teenager, and lets see  how we can reflect upon ourselves!


See you soon!
Srish .x


Hello There!


So today, I am here, blogging, to state my confusion. My confusion on life, and my confusion about the future. I am hoping for a little help here friends!
The main reason I have spent sleepless nights and days that I have yet not discovered is because I am afraid of the future. I am aware at the back of my head, that I should figure out what I need to do with my life by now. However, the reality doesn’t even come close. When I chose my subjects, I was a 100% sure of the career path that I wanted to choose. But now, looking back, I am not aware of what to do with my life. The subjects that I used to love once, have now just become a burden, an additional weight over my head.

I am also aware that I need to chose my life at this very moment. In just a few months, I would be in the outer world, and for that I need to know my path. If not the whole way, I do need to know where I need to start. So now as I have started my bubble of confusion, I need to burst it.

So dear friends, please help me burst out of it. What do you guys reckon I should do? Any degree suggestions?

Also I would love to know what you aspire to be in the future, or what you are doing with your life! Maybe some of you would inspire me and help clear up the fog!

See ya later Guys!