Rambling Diary

Hey everyone!

I hope you have been good! I missed speaking to ya’ll and talking my mind on here! It seems like there is so much that has been in my head and it needs some unloading. I think that will happen in the course of time 😛

Before I begin my rambling, there were some things about my blog that I would like to notify you guys about. First and foremost, in the beginning of the year, I started something called ‘My top videos of the week’, which then became ‘My top videos of the Month’ which is a  segment I will not be continuing on my blog. But if you liked it, then I will be including the videos I have been liking in random blogpost in the future, so you will still know what videos I have been watching and have been inspired by! 😀

So, on to my ramblings. I have been in and out of social media recently. I see what has been happening, take a stroll (virtually) on twitter and then sit back and relax. There have been so many things going on recently. The Alex Day news was quiet upsetting especially because I look up to nerimon a lot. But, nonetheless, I am no one to judge when I don’t know the whole story.

The other thing I have been into is the Ordinary music video and song by Ricky Dillon! It is a fun up tempo song and perfect for when you want to feel supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! 😀  And since we are on the topic of songs and music videos, One Direction released their video for ‘You and I’, and if you have not seen it, you are missing out!
On the topic of social media, Sam Pepper favourited one of my tweets. Then later, Ben Brown favourited a tweet of mine! Am I allowed to dance about it? Just a little? 😛

I have been looking for a good novel to read recently. Haven’t found one as yet though. I like love, romance, mystery and adventure. But I am tired of reading sad stories and tragedies. If you do have any suggestions, do let me know? 🙂

Another question. Does anyone know when Tanya Burr’s nailpolish and lip gloss collection will be out in India? It would be amazing to just go to a local pharmacy and buy them instead of ordering it online. If you do know please let me know, and if you don’t, please help me send this message to Tanya. Thanks!

Also, I don’t usually ramble as much, but I just wanted to talk today. I am having a writer’s (or poet’s) block recently, and I haven’t written something creative in a week. Maybe you can help me reach some ideas to get back my creativity 🙂

See you soon
Srish. Xx


P.s: My top video of Today is about Body image done by Catrific!


Painting Nails

Hey guys!

I am going to do a ‘beauty’ related blog today which is totally out of my comfort zone. But I really have been wanting to share this nail colour with you guys. The picture is clicked while the flash was on, so the shade varies a little. The pink is a little more dusky and towards a more purple shade. However, it’s more or less the same.


So I have been mixing shades of different basilisks (seriously autocorrect?) nail paints to get the shade that I want. So, for this shade I used the following:

From left to right they are:


Beauté VOV French Manicure tip white – it’s a normal white nail polish, and you can use any other company as well.

Beauté VOV French manicure Top Coat – this is a transparent shade and it’s optional.

Elle 18 nail pops shade 38 -this is a very dark shade of maroon.

Ebony London shade 233 – I am not so sure if this nail polish has a name, but its a very beautiful dark lilac shade.

So, now to make the shade I mentioned above,
Mix 4 parts white, 1 part clear/top coat (optional),1.5 part maroon and 2 parts dark lilac. One Part equals about one drop from the nail polish brush. And voilà!

I love some girly stuff sometimes and I really wanted to share this with you guys!
Also, while we are at the topic of nail polishes, I really want the shades from Tanya Burr’s nail polish collection. Should I get them shipped? Please let me know if you have used them! 😀

As for me, I will see you next time!
Srish. Xx

My Top Video of the week | January (Week 1)

Hey Guys!

I am planning to make a my top videos of the week category in my blog (atleast I am testing it out). So twice a month I will post what my favorite videos under various categories are. Most of them will be recent, but I may also include a few old videos as well. I asked ya’ll to vote and this was the most requested!

So let us kick off with the first post in the new category!

Beauty/Makeup video : Tanya Burr’s everyday/school makeup tutorial tops this list. It’s very simple easy and perfect for a day out, especially for those who prefer to be quick doing their makeup and do not like to cake their face in too much of it!

Music video/Music : Wild Heart by The Vamps! I know this doesn’t account for January, but they are my current favourite! Hear them if you haven’t heard them as yet!

Holiday themed video: The Truth about December by Danisnotonfire. I know you saw it coming 😉

Welcome 2014 video: This is Connor Franta’s O2L video about 2014 predictions. It’s really good!

Throwback video of the week: This is one category where I just tell you guys about one video from ages ago that is totally super cool and awesome! And this week’s throwback video is Extreme Twister by Tyler Oakley and Marcus Butler! It’s not just normal twister, it’s twister, with paint!

Okay guys! Chat to you guys soon!

Loads of Love

Srish. xx

Youtube Addiction Questions!


Methods of Procastination! 😛


So guys, today I will be answering some youtube/youtuber related questions!

1) First youtuber you ever watched? – Geekslayer (http://www.youtube.com/user/Geekslayer73)

2) Kind of youtube videos you like? – Sketch comedy + vlogs

3) One youtuber that inspires you? – Charlie McDonnell (www.youtube.com/user/charlieissocoollike‎)

4) One youtuber that you can watch all day? – Dan Howell (http://www.youtube.com/user/danisnotonfire)  

5) Youtuber with the best laugh? – Tyler Oakley


6) Youtuber with the best butt? – Marcus Butler

7) Best youtube ship? – Okay so guys, for this I have 3!! Troyler, Zalfie and Janya! Take your pick!

8) Favourite youtube video? – Wow! That;s tricky. But I guess, any video off of the Indian House series by Geekslayer73!

9) Inspirational Draw my life? – Dan Howell’s!

10) Most interactive draw my life – Ryan Higa (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPmoDYayoLE)

11) Best Youtuber collabs? – Dan And Phil and Jacksgap + Tyler Oakley    

12) Most awesome series on Youtube? – The ‘Special AuGuest’ series!

13) Most favourite ‘Geek Week’ video? – ‘I Can’t Even’ by Crabstick

14) Best outro in a video? – Troye Sivan!!

15) Youtuber that makes you realize weird things? – Phil Lester


16) Youtuber with innovative ideas? – Jack and Finn Harries

If you would also like to answer this, feel free to copy these questions, And also leave me a link with your answers!
Loads of Love

A Cheeky Preview – Youtube!!

Hello There!

So, most of you may not be aware of who I am, and those who are, are probably my friends or my family. After a year and a half of poems, I decided it was time for me to actually ‘blog’. Now I ask myself, ‘What should I blog about?’. Me? My World (not-so-justin-bieber-edition)?

It is different for me to write about myself. I usually restrict my writing to the world, or what I see in it. I have had a blogspot page for over five years now,and about two years ago I made my wordpress page. However, I have never really written much about things that I like doing or that I fancy (for all Americans out there, fancy means like).

So guys, welcome to my life; it’s a cheeky preview!

So recently, YouTube has gone up the charts! And, also, it has become an entertainment system, like a personal television having shows that you can decide when and where to see, and shows that you can switch.

The most addicting youtubers are those that have the most entertaining content, and for all those of you out there, living under a rock, or in Narnia, where internet could not reach earlier, go on and take a look at these cheeky youtubers! It’s another crazy world out there!

So first off, I will let you see for yourself what fun youtube can be when you are bored at home, tired from a school project or can’t sleep at night.

The best place to start (the list is in no particular order, as all you youtubers out there, doing your thing are amazing) is:

  • JACKSGAP!!!! JacksGap, JacksGap, five minutes of your life that you won’t get back! JacksGap is a channel created by Jack Harries, who now shares it with his twin brother Finn! It is better that you watch them for yourself!

JacksGap – Twins

  • DICASP!!!A channel created by Caspar Lee, a South African youtuber living in London, sure to entertain you!

Caspar Lee – What is One Direction

  • POINTLESSBLOG!!! A channel created by Alfie Deyes, with fun filled challenges and awesome collabs! See it for yourself!

PointlessBlog – Girls Are Confusing

  • ZOELLA!!! For all the girls out there, this is the channel that you must follow!

Zoella – Draw my life

  • MARCUSBUTLERTV!!! Helloooooooooooooooooooo! yeah, that’s the catch phrase of the 21st century!

MarcusButlerTv – Things that only happen in movies

  • TROYE SIVAN!!! Catch this awesome Australian youtuber and singer, a definite thumbs up!

Troye Sivan – Sexy Youtubers

  • IISUPERWOMANII!!! For all Desi’s out there, this is THE channel to see!

IISuperwomanII – Types of kids at school

  • GEEKSLAYER!!! The first ever youtube channel that I subscribed to! His videos (with loads of masalaare a must watch!

GeekSlayer – LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It Parody – Indian and I Know It

So it’s past midnight and I am really tired. I am also aware that I missed out many other really awesome youtubers like Jim Chapman, Tyler Oakley, Tanya Burr, DanIsNotOnFire, Sam Pepper and many many more!

But guys, it’s my youtube time and then I am off to sleep!

See Ya Later Guys!!!