Managing that busy schedule & WordPress Anniversary

It has been two weeks (almost three) since university started, and I have already submitted 3 assignments and two project reports, I have also had a surprise quiz, and to make it worse, I have an exam tomorrow. When you are in university, the pressure of studies seems to be real.

Handling your social life and studies alongside  one another is a great task, and quite possibly, that’s the reason why students find it very difficult to handle the two together. After being in university for so long, I understand how hectic it can be to have surprise quizzes and assignments and excessive work schedule, and at the same time, to handle that social life. I hope I can help you out in managing the busy schedule!

Task 1: Prioritize

  • Know what needs to be done
  • Rank it in the order of ‘urgent’ to ‘not so urgent’
  • Finish the urgent stuff first

Task 2: Use the time between classes effectively

  • Try to revise what was done in the previous class
  • Review for the next class

Task 3: Keep your study space just for studying

  • Our brain associates a particular space, and the atmosphere around it with what we do most there. Such as, our bed is for sleeping and our cupboard is for keeping clothes. If we sleep in our cupboards, our brain would not be able to make sense of it.
  • Similarly, choose a place where the only task you have to do is studying.
  • This place should also be away from unnecessary distractions like mirrors, novels, posters etc)

Task 4: Learn from my mistake

  • So, I had a surprise quiz today, which meant I had no time for prior preparation and it was a subject which was
    numerical and formula based. How did I do it then? I couldn’t. There is a possibility that I won’t be able to score in this quiz, just because I didn’t take out time to go through everything that is being done in the subject. So, I say;
  • Revise briefly everything that has been done till day in the concerned subject
  • Make sure you self-study at home or in your dorm room

Cheers for the academic year guys!

P.s: Today is my 4 year anniversary for this wordpress blog!!! 😀

See you next time
Srish. xx


Entrance Exams!

I wrote a poem on my poetry blog about entrance examinations for universities! I hope you like it! 😀


Given the board exams,
our brains, the human RAMs.
Finally the results are out
it’s time to scream and shout
with joy and laughter
the school is over, the close of a chapter.

Now we plan for university
career plans have a diversity.

The admission process is not so easy
entrance exams, not so breezy.
Competition overloaded
young minds hard at work.

But Alas! You did not do that right
A negative mark and the goal drifts from your sight.
Parents are worried, children are sad;
“What is going to happen to our young lad?”.

Soon these children will move away
To a city afar, a different day.
They are self built with care and love.
I can assure you now,
these gems will change the world!

I hope you liked this short self composed poem!
See you next time
Srish. xx

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The Best Friend Tag |Srish and Isha

Hey there guys!

Today I present to you, the best friend tag, with Isha!

Where did we meet?

Isha: We met in dance class when we were tiny little babies. I was cute. I don’t know about you. We realised then that we study in the same school. So we met in school and realised that we stayed in the same neighbourhood. We met in the neighbourhood and realised we had nothing else in common, but decided to be friends anyway.

Srish: Yeah I remember Dance classes! Been 4 years since we graduated! I was cute, okay. But I love you so much my Co-queen!!!!!

What is our favourite memory together?

Isha: Last minute panicky backstage rehearsals. And all the times we used to spend at the gate of our dance class waiting for our parents to pick us up.

Srish: I personally really enjoyed the times in school you used to come visit me during recess. And ofcourse, the tiny b’day parties we had!

One word to describe each other

Isha: You are so PO-nny. (That is a take on the word ‘funny’, in case you didn’t notice)

Srish: Umm……brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (yep that’s my word for you).

What is the most important thing you look for in your significant other? 

Isha: He should have a butt like Marky Butt Butt, voice like Alfie, should be tall like Jim, should be a person as awesome as Caspar,  should NOT laugh like Tyler in PUBLIC, and umm should love me, maybe.

Srish: If he loves me and I love him and we understand one another, that’s perfect. Although, he should NOT be anything like you Ishhhhh! 😛

Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?

Isha: Yes. The moment on stage during our dance performance when I forgot the next step and started copying Shivani who herself was doing the wrong step and then you of course had to copy me so basically I transmitted the wrong step around. (This sentence sounds so wrong and long)

Srish: You don’t understand, I am the definition of stupid. I was in a race with 15 other kids, and I fell. Smack in the middle of the track. And one shoe flew at one extreme end, and the other shoe flew to the other end. Yeah, I should have worn a shoe with laces than a slip on. 😛

 Who was the last person you texted?

Isha: Nano. I sent her a weird quote. I’ll send you a screenshot. Do not do the blog without the screen shot.


Srish: The last message I sent was to you asking you to send me the screenshot of the weird quote 😛

 Why are you best friends with your best friends?

Isha: Read point 1. Oh well, I think I can be nice for a moment. You are super cuteeeee dude. Completely chilled out, completely insane and completely a freak. And I guess that’s why we gel together so well. And the fact that I have both of you with me in everything I do, makes me a little bit less scared of doing outrageous things which I would never have done without you too. 😛

Srish: Hahah you are fun, almost all the time.I enjoy talking to you and spending one of the best moments ever. The fact that I can be me with you and not care about anything is what makes you my best friend ever!

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Isha: I wish I could picture something in my mind and have it in front of me in the next second. Something like the pencil in ‘shaka laka boom boom’ but without having to draw stuff. It’ll take me hours then to draw out Joe Sugg.

Srish: I’d want umm…….forget it, it’s a long list 😛

If granted a wish, what would you want to do together?

Isha: Make brownies. I know this is so stupid and its such a simple wish but given the fact that we hardly get to hang out together and for long durations that if I could wish for something It’ll be ‘Time to spend with you guys’

Srish: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :’) I’d probably want to have a roadtrip with you guys! (Nano and Snigdha included too)

What is your song for your best friend?

Isha: Po Po PO pO po Po Po Po PO. That Po Po song from that ajay devgan-sonakshi movie.

Okay, jokes apart, this is my song to you 

Yup I’m gonna stand by you. That’s something you can trust me about. (P.S. If the song starts sounding romantic anywhere, ignore it from that point on)

Srish: That’s so sweet! This is my song to you!


Question Marks of A Teenage Life

As today follows through, the doubts still remain, the confusion is still the same. 


Hello World!


It’s time to finally address the questions every teenager has in their life. Let’s start from the basics, and I hope you all can relate.

Q1) Is the friend circle that I am in right for me? 
Now this was probably my most important question. As I went to senior school, I had to build  up a friendship with new people, and the most difficult part was to decide whether my choices are right or not. To all those people who are in this phase, if you like and enjoy someone’s company, then go ahead and shake a hand of friendship and don’t care about what anyone thinks! If you enjoy talking to t socially awkward kid in the class, lend a hand of friendship. It’ll be worth it. I promise! 🙂

Q2) Is popularity everything?
For me, being popular in school meant hanging out with cringe worthy people. That wasn’t so much fun as it is hanging out with my current mates. So dear all, if you are popular then cool! But if you aren’t, and you do not enjoy the ‘cool kidz’ company, don’t torture yourself! No one will find a future depending upon the popularity circle they were in at school.

Q3) Influence by friends,good or bad?
Keep. Your. Boundaries. Teenage is the age where most teens are given a platform to experience life, learn and grow. It is the time when many people wish to influence you. Just remember, hear what they are saying, but be logical and do what you  think is right. And always, no matter what, keep your boundaries.

Hey guys we all have a voice! Let me know what are your opinions. Also mention what your doubts and questions were/are as a teenager, and lets see  how we can reflect upon ourselves!


See you soon!
Srish .x