My Top Videos of The Month | March ’14

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the monthly post wherein I talk to you guys about the videos that I have been loving in the month. I used to do this weekly, but I feel like monthly is a better idea! 🙂

So without further ado, here we go!

Favourite Beauty video: These are non heat sock curls! I’m in love with this because I do not use heat too much. So I feel like these work perfectly!

An inspirational Video: This is quiet in relation with what I spoke about on the Culture week on L4W

Favorite Collab: So many youtubers have done collaborations this past month. It was really hard to pick one, but I did and here it is! 😀 (also omg Lily and Connor did a collab! I am jumpingggggggggggg)

DIY Video: I love DIY stuff. I do them all the time on my own, and lately I have fallen in love with the DIYs that Andrea does. So here is my favourite from the month of march! 🙂

This is all for this month! I love watching all these awesome youtubers, they are so creative and amazing! 😀

See you next time
Srish. Xx


Guess that Tweet Challange | Srish asks Snigdha

Hey Guys!

I just posted the Guess that tweet challenge in which I g0t a score of 1/5. It’s time to search Sniggy’s Tweet knowledge 😛 So I picked out some tweets for her and she had to guess who tweeted them! So, here we go!

1. wow me so sleepy (Youtuber)
Snigdha’s Guess: Jc Caylen
Wrong! The right answer is Ricky Dillon. 



2.  here’s an example: I don’t like cauliflower, SO I DONT EAT IT. ITS THAT EASY (youtuber)
Snigdha’s Guess: Dan Howell.
Woops, it’s the wrong answer. This is actually Slaybecca. I mean, Rebecca Black.

Clearly, it's not Dan! :P

Clearly, it’s not Dan! 😛

3.  I ate a grasshopper yesterday. (Celeb)
Snigdha’s Guess: Dylan O’Brian
Noooo. The right answer is Harry Styles!

Clearly, grass-hop-ppppperrrs

Clearly, grass-hop-ppppperrrs

4. when it comes to advice, giving tends to be a lot easier than asking for me (youtuber)
Snigdha’s Guess: Connor Franta

Yayyie Right!

Yayyie Right!

5. imagined pia in a potato sack. I should sleep (someone you know)
Snigdha’s Guess: Isha
You win Piggy. Its the right answer!



Snigdha’s score is 2/5! And Snigdha wins by one point!
And the winner of the series is Snigdha!!! If you want to see round 1 of this game, you can click here, and it will take you to that page. Also, this was inspired by Ricky Dillon and Andrea Russett’s collab, and it was a fun game!

See you soon,
Srish and Snigdha ❤


Hey there guys!

After the ever so successful success of Friday, by Rebecca Black, she is back with another day of the week! Let’s put our hands together for Saturday. Personally, musically, this song is way better than Friday and quiet catchy as well! Well done Rebecca!

I look forward to hearing Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from you!

But in all honesty, Ricky Dillon and Connor Franta look oh-so-amazing in this video!

It’s a really catchy tune! Well done Rebecca and Dave Days!

Catch up on yesterday? Here’s Friday for you :

What did you guys think of Saturday?

See you later guys!

Srish. xx

Anti Boyfriend Tag

Hey guys, so I was recently watching Rebecca Black’s (it’s friday fridayvideo and I came across her ‘Anti Boyfriend Tag’ and I wanted to do it too! You can watch her video here if you like!

1. What is the one (most important) quality you look for in guys?

The most important quality is probably passion. If you are a boy and passionate about something in life and are ready to give it your hundred percent, I like you. Also, I need to be able to talk to the person for hours and never get bored.

2. What quality is a turn off?

Ego. I don’t like cockiness. I also don’t like it if the person is completely self centered. .

3. What physical feature do you notice on the opposite sex first?

Probably eyes. 

4. Describe your dream date.

It would either be something very extreme like maybe going on an adventure, or something completely chilled, like a dinner and a movie (and then you can later discuss the movie and get to know each other).

5. Who would your celebrity boyfriend be?

It’s a tie between Jc Caylen and Dan Howell. Or maybe Jack Harries or Connor Franta (omg I don’t even know).

6. What is your relationship ‘deal breaker?’ (Something that you might end a relationship because of)

If you do not give me attention and are self centered, like I said before, that’s a deal breaker.

7. What is your relationship ‘deal maker?’ (Something you would like a guy to do in a relationship)

Caring, charming, sweet and funny personality. Even if you don’t get me presents, but do little things that make me smile, 

8. What eye and hair color do you prefer?

I like all! But for some reason, I usually find myself attracted to dark/hazel hair coloured guys.

9. He buys you a gift. What would it be?


10. Would you say you have a type? If so, what is your type?

To be honest, looking at the list of my previous crushes, I am not so sure

Okay guys!I guess I need to tag someone to it too? I tag Snigdha and Marci.Pann to do the tag!

This was a little random Tag that I wanted to do. Hope you liked it!
See you next time,
Srish. xx

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