We Love You Connor

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” -Gail Sheehy


Hey guys!

On Monday morning, I woke up looking forward to a new O2L video. It has become a tradition of mine. Watching the videos early in the morning makes my day, especially because they are always happy and energetic! It makes me feel that if they depict those five minutes so energetically, I can try and make my own life less boring.


It was a shock this morning when I woke up to the news of Connor Franta quitting O2L. However, he left the collaboration project on a positive note. Stating that the boys are his family and would always be. He also sent forth a beautiful message. He said that he was doing this for himself, and that what is his passion had now started seeming like a job. I completely agree with his words. It takes courage to admit what he did and I wish him all the best! You would still be our Frantastic Monday Connor!

He taught me a very important lesson as well. We do so many things for so many people in our lives, but in that whole process, somewhere we forget to live for ourselves. We are our best friends and it is only us who can make us happy. So Connor, I support your decision and will continue to stalk you on twitter 😛 and wish you all the love for a new chapter in life! Looking forward to seeing you with bigger and beautiful creative outlets! 😀

Always Frantastic :’)

Srish. Xx


Search Engine Strangeness Tag

Hey Guys!

So I was going through my wordpress feed and found a Super cool tag called ‘Search Engine Strangeness’ , and so ofcourse, I had to do it. No, I have not been directly tagged, but my fellow blogger said that she tags anyone who wants to do this tag…..so yeah, I hope you catch my drift 😛

I have included the search terms from both my main blog and this blog just because I wanted to share a versatility to my search terms!

So the Nice and Normal ones:

  • Anti Boyfriend Tag questions
  • Niall Horan
  • Eminem Recovery Poster
  • Just One Direction stuff in general

The Strange/weird ones:

  • mobile no. of aunty using whats app (I am afraid to know what this person was looking for)
  • what to do for niall horan’s birthday (umm…..scream his lines from Midnight Memories?)
  • honey singh visit to tawang (okaaaaaaaay)
  • Alfie Deyes Butt (this is what happens when you write about Marcus Butler and Alfie Deyes in the same post #Malfie)

The confused ones:

  • in jacksgap rickshaw run who sings one direction (really?)
  • srishti child abusment (well, I should let you know that ‘Abusment’ is not a word)
  • jacksgap best draw my life (My dear, Jacksgap haven’t done a Draw My life)

The exceptionally specific ones:

  • what episode of teen wolf does ricky dillon appear on?
  • don’t break the chain calendar charlieissocoollike
  • shredded heart blog
  • short poem on corruption in hindi
  • poem of domestic violence

Okay guys, so here it is. There were also a million unknown search terms in the summary lists which I would like to know.

You all finally get to know every (almost) search term that people used to reach my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it. Also, this tag was found from Sarah Casey’s blog, and she is amazing. So go follow her! 🙂

Also, I started a collaboration with my friends called LifeFourWays. I will be Tuesdays on there and you should go follow the blog if you aren’t 🙂

As for me, I think I will take your leave!

See you soon

Srish. xx

My Top Video of the week | January (Week 1)

Hey Guys!

I am planning to make a my top videos of the week category in my blog (atleast I am testing it out). So twice a month I will post what my favorite videos under various categories are. Most of them will be recent, but I may also include a few old videos as well. I asked ya’ll to vote and this was the most requested!

So let us kick off with the first post in the new category!

Beauty/Makeup video : Tanya Burr’s everyday/school makeup tutorial tops this list. It’s very simple easy and perfect for a day out, especially for those who prefer to be quick doing their makeup and do not like to cake their face in too much of it!

Music video/Music : Wild Heart by The Vamps! I know this doesn’t account for January, but they are my current favourite! Hear them if you haven’t heard them as yet!

Holiday themed video: The Truth about December by Danisnotonfire. I know you saw it coming 😉

Welcome 2014 video: This is Connor Franta’s O2L video about 2014 predictions. It’s really good!

Throwback video of the week: This is one category where I just tell you guys about one video from ages ago that is totally super cool and awesome! And this week’s throwback video is Extreme Twister by Tyler Oakley and Marcus Butler! It’s not just normal twister, it’s twister, with paint!

Okay guys! Chat to you guys soon!

Loads of Love

Srish. xx

Stay Cloudy ☁

Hey there guys!
I haven’t blogged in a while, but I am back!

So as I have already mentioned, I really enjoy watching youtubers. I am here with a few of my favourites again. The person who tops my list this week is Jc Caylen! You may know him as Thursdays on O2L! He is a chilled guy, makes funny youtube videos and lives with his mates (4/6 of O2L) in California. If you want to smile after a hectic day, all you gotta do is watch his videos and day = made. 
He has a tattoo on his wrist of a cloud, which people like to refer to as the ‘Caylen Cloud‘  which represents every aspect of his personality. Personally, tattoos are not my favourite thing in the world, but this actually wants to make you reflect on your life. You have to decide what you have to be. You have to live above expectations!  
So all you clouds out there, go check him out! I promise, his videos will make you as happy as they make me!
I’m going to leave you a link to one of his Main Channel video and his latest O2L video. While you are at it, Let him know that Srishblogs sent you there.
Main Channel Video  :
Our2ndLife Video  :
Stay Cloudy!
Peace (Yep Jc, I just copied ya!)
Love you lots
Srish. xx