Somebody To You | Fanfiction (Brad from The Vamps)

Hey Guys!

I am back. But this time with something completely different than anything you have ever seen on my blog before. Yep, you read the title right…’s a fanfiction!!!! I hope you enjoy. I’ll put in a disclaimer none the less; everything in the story is a work of fiction, and despite being a fanfic has no resemblance to anyone. I just wanted to write something 😛

Enjoy =)

    I was asleep for the past half hour, I think. With earphones on, I had missed my station on the tube. Another fifteen minutes will be wasted to travel back home. Brad would be waiting for me. He was back home after a month; but stupid me, who sleeps on the tube? Brad’s voice was still ringing in my ears. I decided to pack my earphones and my music player and get down on the next station. I will have to take the tube back anyways.

    I can hear the tube coming in from the opposite station to take me back home. I rush to the other platform and catch the tube back home. After a ten minute long walk to our beach house, I finally reach back home- into the arms of my love, my life. I unlock the door expecting Bradley to be snuggled in bed, asleep after a long twelve hour flight. I put my carry bag on the sofa and go to the kitchen for a glass of water. Guess what?! I am greeted by a chirpy face, Brad, dancing around the kitchen wearing an apron and making pancakes!

    My Brad, my life. His pancake making skills aren’t as great as his flattering skills. He picks me in his arms and covers us both in flour. The smile on my face could never falter after this moment. We hug, we kiss and we snuggle. I missed my love, my heart and my soul when he was away. 

I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll leave you with a video to support my fanfiction. It’s ‘Someody to you’ by The Vamps ft Demi Lovato 🙂

See you next time
Srish. xx


DIY: Origami Hearts | Ziio

My best friend Ziio (that’s her pen name) did a DIY tutorial on how to make an origami heart! Please check it out and give her first blog post some love!!! 😀


Hey guys this is Ziio , going to share something awesome I made for my boyfriend this valentine’s day and you could make the same for your loved one too for any special occasion by simply following the steps below :-

This model requires a square sheet on paper with white on one side and color on the other

pic 1

We are going to start by taking the left edge and folding the paper half such that the left edge is exactly on the right edge and make a crease and then unfold

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

Now we are going to do the same thing the other way. We take the top edge and pull it over to the bottom edge, press and make a crease and then unfold

pic 5 pic 6pic 7

So now we take the bottom edge and pull it up to the horizontal crease in middle and press and make another crease and…

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What I look For in a Guy | Srish

Everything (almost) I look for in my significant other 🙂

I basically want a mix of Harry Styles, Dan Howell, Ronald Weasley, Hunter Hayes and way too many other 😛


Hello everyone!

This week on L4W is guy week! So I get to do an unconditional rant on guys! Well, I guess I’ll keep that for later. I thought that this week I would share what I look for in a boy through the medium of drawing. So I asked my dear friend Mallika to join me and we both made a list of what we look for in a guy. It was then time to turn this list into a collage! I hope you guys like it!

What I look for in a Guy!

Until next Tuesday guys
Srish. xx

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You and I – One Direction | A Review

Silence and sound
Did they ever hold each other tight..
Nothing can come between

You and I

Hey everyone!

So, One Direction just uploaded their new music video and guess what? My inner fangirl came out! I think I have seen that video about seventy times, not even kidding.

Other than the conventional, oh my God the boys look marvelous in the video; there are many things that have captured the moments in the video. These little bits have made this simple video so exciting that I have ended up watching it so many times.

The editing is good, the pouty faces of the boys are good, the cinematography is amazing and the location is beautiful. But the message, is amazing. I like that the lyrics to ‘You And I’ make you believe that no matter how many hardships you face in life you can get by through them. I like the fact that such an emotion still exists. Because of the fast pace of life we live in, at times it seems like the feeling of belonging and togetherness gets lost.

It is beautiful that One Direction have truly amazing fans and many youngsters are getting the message that no matter how many troubles or difficulties you will face, you will eventually get through them. I give the song, the singers and the music video, the director ‘Ben Winston’ and the lyricist a big thumbs up!

And I give it 4 stars out of 5, just because there is always scope for improvement 🙂

I hope you liked my review! If you are not a Directioner, and you do like slow groovy meaningful love songs, you should give this song a listen! 😀

See you soon,
Srish. xx


I said (short poem)

When you say things, and when you hear them back, you realise that some when said were not what were meant at the time. And others, mean even more, despite being unsaid… 

I said I went overboard
It seemed like a good decision at the time
My fleeting heart roared
But that decision costed me a dime

I said I was too serious
I thought it was just me at the time
But there were a million more
That did not fit this perfect rhyme.

I said I was sorry
That my heart could not be blamed
I fell too deep in love
The love that couldn’t be tamed.

I said now let me go
But you stood there, in the way
Then you should have said what you had to say
Instead, you ran away. 

I hope you liked it and I will see you next time! 🙂
Srish. Xx

Topsy turvy sisters (A Poem)

Hey everyone!

I was going through my old notebooks and papers the other day. In that, I found a four/five year old exam paper. On the back of it I had written a poem for my best friend Muskaan. It’s quiet hilarious and slightly weird, but it’s cute and I thought I’d share it on here!

A story with a song,
which starts with a ding dang dong.
Well, if this makes you laugh out loud,
that’s what we do sitting on the couch.
Studies can finish in minutes,
and with us, boys make digits.
Don’t be shocked! We’re young teenagers
and up for well, we don’t have interest in power rangers.
Love is the recent chapter of our books,
Muskaan and Srishti, yeah that’s the look.
We’re topsy turvy sisters,
Once again,we talk about each other’s misters,
We’re topsy turvy friends,
having topsy turvy trends,
In a topsy turvy world,
We’re a case to unfurl! 

I cringe every time I read it. We were so stupid back then. But I love you Muskaan, you’re my best friend and someone I can always count on! 🙂

See you next time,
Srish. Xx

Moving On; A Poem

A new poem on my ‘writings’ blog! Check it out 😀


A self composed poem about moving on while that clock of life ticks. Cherishing the new in life and letting those frozen tears slide away 🙂

Seemingly lost,
the years have found their way,
into the heart of the one you left,
and now no one has a say.

The careless whispers have faded
Stevie sung the right words.
This year, my heart will reside
at a better brighter place.

Like the soft smooth petals
of a small rose flower
This year, my lips will part,
but this time, it’ll be for someone special.

My heart will beat again,
the tears will fade away.
And with euphoria alive again,
new music will again make me sway.

I hope you liked it!
See you soon,
Srish. Xx

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