A Poem For Jacksgap

A new poem dedicated to Jacksgap on my poetry blog! I hope thou like it! 😀


Hey everyone! If you read my other blog, you may be aware that I really like Jack and Finn Harries. Commonly known by their YouTube name ‘Jacksgap’. When I visited North East India last year, while writing the travelogue and being on the road, I had ample amount of free time on my hands, which is when I wrote a poem dedicated to the phenomenon, that is ‘JacksGap’.

Jacksgap; An Inspiration

Finn Finn the better twin,
Looks like Jack, Jack looks like him.
Jacksgap is the channel to see,
YouTube is the air we breathe.

Jack Jack you’re a fine lad,
But you don’t notice me, that’s quiet sad.
But you’re videos are seriously amazing,
In twin challenges you’re an epic win!

Sidney, the dragon is quiet creepy,
Somehow he always looks sleepy.
Your travel blogs are a treat to see,
Dear Finn and Jack, you really inspire me.


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Anti Boyfriend Tag

Hey guys, so I was recently watching Rebecca Black’s (it’s friday fridayvideo and I came across her ‘Anti Boyfriend Tag’ and I wanted to do it too! You can watch her video here if you like!

1. What is the one (most important) quality you look for in guys?

The most important quality is probably passion. If you are a boy and passionate about something in life and are ready to give it your hundred percent, I like you. Also, I need to be able to talk to the person for hours and never get bored.

2. What quality is a turn off?

Ego. I don’t like cockiness. I also don’t like it if the person is completely self centered. .

3. What physical feature do you notice on the opposite sex first?

Probably eyes. 

4. Describe your dream date.

It would either be something very extreme like maybe going on an adventure, or something completely chilled, like a dinner and a movie (and then you can later discuss the movie and get to know each other).

5. Who would your celebrity boyfriend be?

It’s a tie between Jc Caylen and Dan Howell. Or maybe Jack Harries or Connor Franta (omg I don’t even know).

6. What is your relationship ‘deal breaker?’ (Something that you might end a relationship because of)

If you do not give me attention and are self centered, like I said before, that’s a deal breaker.

7. What is your relationship ‘deal maker?’ (Something you would like a guy to do in a relationship)

Caring, charming, sweet and funny personality. Even if you don’t get me presents, but do little things that make me smile, you.are.it. 

8. What eye and hair color do you prefer?

I like all! But for some reason, I usually find myself attracted to dark/hazel hair coloured guys.

9. He buys you a gift. What would it be?


10. Would you say you have a type? If so, what is your type?

To be honest, looking at the list of my previous crushes, I am not so sure

Okay guys!I guess I need to tag someone to it too? I tag Snigdha and Marci.Pann to do the tag!

This was a little random Tag that I wanted to do. Hope you liked it!
See you next time,
Srish. xx

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The USP of Jacksgap!

Hey there guys!

So I am back with a casual post about the cheeky Harries twins! Cute, funny, innovative and creative, the Harries twins have taken the internet by storm in just a short amount of time. While sitting down and watching their video, I began to realize why they are so well known. What are the qualities that their videos possess that make them so special. In short, what is their USP.


(USP abbreviation for unique selling proposition or unique selling point: a characteristic of a product that can be used in advertising to differentiate it from its competitors.)

What makes Jack and Finn Harries Unique is their ability to address issues fluidly by the medium of their videos. Their creative efforts, their cheeky smiles, a little bit of banter, and a clarity in expression is what makes them Jacksgap. 

Looking forward to more videos from Jack and Finn! I cannot wait for the India vlogs! (Well, they did a tour around my country, I am bound to be excited, aren’t I?)

Check out their latest video :

This was just a little review of one of my favourite youtubers!

See you soon

Srish. xx

The Rickshaw Run – JacksGap!

So if any of you guys religiously follow ‘Jack and Finn Harries’ every move, just like me, you would be aware that the twins along with five of their friends are in India. They have just completed a run from the East of India to the West on Auto Rickshaws! These are also called as Tuk-Tuks in various other countries.


I was ecstatic that the cheeky twins along with Max, Ben, Will, Harry and Louis were coming to my country and would drive across my hometown. Last night Finn had asked if they were to keep a meetup in Delhi, where would they keep it? Now, I am hoping they do keep a meetup there, because the number of Indian Gappers isn’t less!

And if they do stumble upon this blog post, you guys, all seven of you are extremely inspiring! Keep up the great work and you have all my best wishes!

p.s : I hope we can meet someday (stalker much 😛  ). But seriously, if you do a meetup in Delhi, I want a special invite 😉

UPDATE : The Jacksgap Delhi meetup would be in Saket Select Citywalk at Costa Coffee at 10pm on 23 September 2013! Be there to meet the sexy boyz!