One Bad Apple

It is said that usually when you have one bad apple in  bowl of apples, the bad one ends up corroding all the good ones. 

Hey guys! 

Two posts in a row! I am on  roll today. I was thinking about how things, people and circumstances influence our daily life. How ten good things can be ruined just by one bad moment. Even after the thought of how positivity out-rules the negative, you know, good outweighs evil, I still can’t fathom why unfavourable things still do happen. When I say that, I do not mean death or bad grades. I mean the wrong that happens in this world on a daily basis. 

We as human beings were not provided  with a 1400 cc brain to create evil. The world is a beautiful place and so are we. Sometimes, I feel like all everyone needs to do is open their eyes and look around. Look at the little squirrels climbing the tree, the birds chirping and the pigeons creating a chaos. The trees dancing in the wind and the silent music of the breeze all tell us how amazing this creation is. 

So guys, lets nurture ourselves to become good human beings. Let us all open our wings and fly high and let us be that Good apple which can do the undoable and turn that bad apple into a good one. Let’s spread joy and beauty 🙂 

See you all Good apples next time

Stay beautiful

Srish. xx


Trendy Trends! feat. TV Shows!

Hey there!

So, for the last few days, I have been watching a few television shows and have picked out a list of a few things that I liked the most! There are shoes, and scarfs and dresses and so much more that every girl dreams to have (just like myself)!

Here are such few things that I loved which were worn by the characters of a few of my favourite TV Shows!

Photo courtesy : Urban Outfitters and PLL

Photo courtesy : Urban Outfitters and PLL

I personally love the scarf. It draws attention to the neckline and is suitable for any ideal casual look! Rather than the thin small scarfs, broad ones look much more glamorous. Personally, I like the plain brown one more than the printed one that Troian is wearing in the episode. (And it is available in Urban Outfitters)

Photo Courtesy : Urban Outfitters and PLL

Photo Courtesy : Urban Outfitters and PLL

Necklace is an essential piece of Jewellery. If you plan on wearing a single coloured outfit (for instance, all black/blue) a heavy necklace is one of the important pieces of accessory. It gives a bit of colour and more amount of depth to your look and style. (The above mentioned necklace is available on Urban Outfitters)

Photo Courtesy : Urban Outfitters and TVD

Photo Courtesy : Urban Outfitters and TVD

With the arrival of winter season cardigans are an essential. These Keep you warm and there can be many different styles to carry one. V necks look good on almost anyone and are suitable for cold weather. And when they are in bottle green, all doubt vanishes from the mind! (Found at Urban Outfitters)

Photo Courtesy : Nordstrom and Revenge

Photo Courtesy : Nordstrom and Revenge

Hooded Denim Jackets are totally in! And, Emily from Revenge is here to show it to you! Perfect to go out, I’d say this is one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing! (Available in Nordstrom – it isn’t exactly the same though


So this is all for today! I hope you guys liked by little ‘Outfit Haul’! But remember guys, the most important part of rocking a look is being yourself!

See you soon!

Srish .xx

Question Marks of A Teenage Life

As today follows through, the doubts still remain, the confusion is still the same. 


Hello World!


It’s time to finally address the questions every teenager has in their life. Let’s start from the basics, and I hope you all can relate.

Q1) Is the friend circle that I am in right for me? 
Now this was probably my most important question. As I went to senior school, I had to build  up a friendship with new people, and the most difficult part was to decide whether my choices are right or not. To all those people who are in this phase, if you like and enjoy someone’s company, then go ahead and shake a hand of friendship and don’t care about what anyone thinks! If you enjoy talking to t socially awkward kid in the class, lend a hand of friendship. It’ll be worth it. I promise! 🙂

Q2) Is popularity everything?
For me, being popular in school meant hanging out with cringe worthy people. That wasn’t so much fun as it is hanging out with my current mates. So dear all, if you are popular then cool! But if you aren’t, and you do not enjoy the ‘cool kidz’ company, don’t torture yourself! No one will find a future depending upon the popularity circle they were in at school.

Q3) Influence by friends,good or bad?
Keep. Your. Boundaries. Teenage is the age where most teens are given a platform to experience life, learn and grow. It is the time when many people wish to influence you. Just remember, hear what they are saying, but be logical and do what you  think is right. And always, no matter what, keep your boundaries.

Hey guys we all have a voice! Let me know what are your opinions. Also mention what your doubts and questions were/are as a teenager, and lets see  how we can reflect upon ourselves!


See you soon!
Srish .x