University Life| #1 Deciding On A Roommate

Hey Guys!

When you enter the University, it is a completely new environment. This creates challenges for those individuals who are introverted or find it difficult to adjust easily in unknown environment. Most students set foot out of the house for the first time when they start University.

If you know some of your friends from school or your locality, or any of your acquaintances who are joining the same University as you; make sure that you don’t end up sharing a room with them. It is known that hen two best friends are together, they can talk to one another for as long as possible without the need of anyone else. So, old friends as roommates makes it difficult to make new friends. It is normal to feel comfortable with people you know, however, this is when you have to get out of your comfort zone and go for a random roommate.

 You and your roomie gotta turn this into home =)

I was lucky in this and my University had a random roommate policy for freshmen. This made me find three of my best buddies. It also made me understand with whom am I compatible. I could sketch out the basic needs I had as a roommate, which was very helpful for choosing a roommate for the second year.

A random roommate also helps you make new friends, try and test various friend circles and introduce you to free and different  social lives. And ofcourse, later, you can choose your pick!

I hope this helps those who are filling out forms for University this year. Have the best time possible, this is the time you will grow older, mature and let go of the school stereotypes. Have fun at Uni!

Srish. xx

Stay tuned with the series. Next up, I talk about what to carry for classes!


Topsy turvy sisters (A Poem)

Hey everyone!

I was going through my old notebooks and papers the other day. In that, I found a four/five year old exam paper. On the back of it I had written a poem for my best friend Muskaan. It’s quiet hilarious and slightly weird, but it’s cute and I thought I’d share it on here!

A story with a song,
which starts with a ding dang dong.
Well, if this makes you laugh out loud,
that’s what we do sitting on the couch.
Studies can finish in minutes,
and with us, boys make digits.
Don’t be shocked! We’re young teenagers
and up for well, we don’t have interest in power rangers.
Love is the recent chapter of our books,
Muskaan and Srishti, yeah that’s the look.
We’re topsy turvy sisters,
Once again,we talk about each other’s misters,
We’re topsy turvy friends,
having topsy turvy trends,
In a topsy turvy world,
We’re a case to unfurl! 

I cringe every time I read it. We were so stupid back then. But I love you Muskaan, you’re my best friend and someone I can always count on! 🙂

See you next time,
Srish. Xx

Strange Facts about Me | Srish

Hey Ya’ll! I started a collaboration with my friends! I will be Tuesdays on Life Four Ways and this is my first post! You get to know a little about me =)
Happy Reading!
Srish. xx


Hey guys!
Welcome to Tangled Tuesdays with Srish! I am Srishti and I will post on Tuesdays on Life Four Ways. I hope you join myself and my three other friends in a journey of fun, friendship and adventure.

Me in 3 pics

So, here is a little about me. I am an obsessive teenager who loves reading and writing. I am a little too obsessed with Harry Potter and would love to be a part of the Weasley family. I love writing, and my forte is poetry, generally about social issues.

This week we had to write some facts about ourselves that no one knows. Well, I am obsessed with calling things ‘Sunshine’. My first ever magazine that I designed and wrote for a school project was called sunshine, the first ever poem I wrote was called sunshine and my diary (which I used to write in regularly) was called Sunshine. In fact…

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Kiss Marry Reject| Srish and Nano

Hey guys!

New year greetings to all my beautiful readers! Today Nano and I decided to play kiss marry kill. But I felt like ‘kill’ was a little too extreme, so instead i decided to put in Kiss Marry Kill Reject.

1) Connor Franta, Marcus Butler, Jack Harries

Srish: Marry Connor, Kiss Jack and Reject Marcus. Marry Connor because he is the definition of perfection and is so totally frantastic! Reject Marcus probably because Miomi (Marcus and Niomi) is a perfect ship!

Nano: Marry Connor because he is frantastic and single (maybe) and kiss Marcus butler because i’m nice and i like Niomi too. and reject Jack.

2) Andrew Garfield, Alex Day, Liam Payne

Srish: Marry Alex Day because he just seems amazing, kiss Andrew Garfield and reject Liam Payne (I still love one direction though)

Nano: Marry Andrew Garfield,  kiss Liam Payne and reject Alex. because I only like Andrew Garfield out of all the options. 😛

3) Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Finn Harries

Srish: Marry Harry Styles, kiss Finn Harries and reject Bieber. I’m sorry Biebs!

Nano: Marry Finn , kiss Harry and reject JB. was that even a question?
4) Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Jim Chapman

Srish: Marry Dan Hotness Howell, kiss Jim and reject Phil (I don’t want it  to be awkward between Dan and Phil, but Philip Lester you are amazing).

Nano:Marry Phil Lester, kiss  Jim Chapman(not really want to though) and reject  Dan, simply because of you Srish.

5) Nick Jonas, Cole Sprouse, Ricky Dillon

Srish: Marry Ricky, kiss Nick and reject Cole Sprouse (he used to be my first crush but I am not liking the long hair).

Nano: Marry Ricky Dillon! Reject rest. Can I please? Just for once? I don’t want to kiss either.

6) Kian Lawly, Charlie McDonnell, Alfie Deyes

Srish: Marry Charlie, Kiss Kian and reject Alfie. Reject Alfie just because I ship Zalfie (Zoella and Alfie)!

Nano: marry Kian Lawley, best looking (but I ship Kiandrea, I swear!) , kiss Alfie and reject Charlie(haven’t seen a video yet)

7) Joe Sugg, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley

Srish: Marry Joe, kiss Troye and Tyler! And ship Troyler at the same time!

Nano: Marry Joe, kiss Troye(also i love his voice), Tyler I’m sorry, but i love his laugh.

8) Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter), Ruper Grint(Ron Weasley), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom)

Srish: Marry Rupert Grint (I’ve had a crush on Ron Weasley for about 10 years now!), kiss Matthew, and reject Daniel.

Nano: Same order. No reason.

9) Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

Srish: Marry Coffee, kiss hot chocolate and reject tea.

Nano: Marry coffee(as if you don’t know how much i love starbucks), Kiss hot chocolate and reject tea.

10) Pizza, Sleep, internet

Srish: Marry the internet (I am still on it), kiss sleep and reject pizza. Sorry food, but Internet and sleep are more important 😛

Nano: Marry Sleep(you always crave what you have less of) , kiss internet(CANNOT live without it) and reject Pizza(not one of my favourite foods anyways)

Hope you guys liked this random little post!

See you next time

Srish and Nano. xoxo