Find your horizon


Not my best sketch, but just a little something to self introspect.

I was sitting in my room and I had a little to many thoughts in my head. Some arguments with friends did not help cheer me up. I was at the same time going through my notebooks and I read about some canals in Amsterdam and decided to sketch something related from the top of my head. Having been there myself a few years ago, I thought about finding your destiny. How the horizon seems to move away as we try to get nearer to it. It taught me that in such a way we also need to extend our limits and capabilities.

Have a good day and I hope you find your horizon 🙂

See you soon
Srish. Xx


Love ♡ | Muskaan

My lovely friend Muskaan was the first surprise Saturday on Life Four Ways! Guys read this post and send her some love! =)


I asked my friend, “Do you believe in love?” He said, “I don’t know”
This question has just two answers- YES or NO. Then why are people so unsure of the answer?
Do they fear love or is it that they’ve never fallen in love before?
Welcome 2014. Welcome February. Welcome Valentine’s Week.
A date nobody forgets. A date you wish to be with your loved ones. A date filled with grief for the heartbroken. A date with a lot of memories.
Hey everyone! I’m Muskaan, the guest, your surprise Saturday for Love Week here on L4W, I’m going to tell you all a teeny-weeny bit about love. Don’t take me to have achieved a PhD on love, but I’ll give you my thoughts.
I understand love in two ways-1. It heals

A broken heart, an open wound, a tear-filled eye, a bad day~ love heals it all.
Remember Nicholas Sparks’s novel…

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My Definition of Love | Srish

Let’s celebrate love and promises! My new post on L4W; do have a read! 🙂


Hey Guys ❤

Welcome to the second episode (should I call it an episode?) of Tangled Tuesdays with Srish. The theme this week is Valentine’s week, so we all get to talk about love!

According to the dictionary, love means a feeling of great enthusiasm or fondness for a person or a thing. However, I feel like a definition as short as this does not justify the vastness of love.



For me, love is the way a mother looks at her child, the way a drop of dew kisses a leaf, the enthusiasm by which a child opens his Christmas present. It is all an expression of love and it is all around us. Love is that emotion or feeling which is forever, and can never be timed. For me, love is watching the beautiful sunrise, how the orange splits into the morning blue, love is the song of the…

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Strange Facts about Me | Srish

Hey Ya’ll! I started a collaboration with my friends! I will be Tuesdays on Life Four Ways and this is my first post! You get to know a little about me =)
Happy Reading!
Srish. xx


Hey guys!
Welcome to Tangled Tuesdays with Srish! I am Srishti and I will post on Tuesdays on Life Four Ways. I hope you join myself and my three other friends in a journey of fun, friendship and adventure.

Me in 3 pics

So, here is a little about me. I am an obsessive teenager who loves reading and writing. I am a little too obsessed with Harry Potter and would love to be a part of the Weasley family. I love writing, and my forte is poetry, generally about social issues.

This week we had to write some facts about ourselves that no one knows. Well, I am obsessed with calling things ‘Sunshine’. My first ever magazine that I designed and wrote for a school project was called sunshine, the first ever poem I wrote was called sunshine and my diary (which I used to write in regularly) was called Sunshine. In fact…

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Motivation; a Food for the Soul

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
— Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Hey guys!

I hope all of you have been good. I have so much to do and it seems like so little time. Do you sometimes feel like life is going too fast, and that sometimes, it’s just a little too much to handle?

It seems like yesterday that it was 2012 and now 2013 just blew past. I found myself to be a little lost for a bit. I felt like nothing was going right and that I may have lost myself in the crowd. But what I realised in the midst of that was that it was by losing myself, I found the real me. I was constantly scared of every little thing. If I had an exam, I was scared of the result; if I had made cake, I was scared about ‘what if’ people did not like it. I don’t know why I was so paranoid for such things, but I was.

Sometimes, life does not seem the best but we do need a little faith and a little courage. It is also very important to stay spiritual, to stay happy and confident. I promise, even after the darkest clouds come over, it will rain and the Sun will shine again. But it is upto our own selves if we want the sun to shine.

What I find best to do whenever I am feeling down or upset, or even unmotivated is to do a short meditation and listen to calming music. Sometimes, I watch light comedy shows. Comedy relaxes you and calms your mind. I also like to divulge into chocolates whenever I am feeling down. Do not gobble the whole packet, but a few nibbles help a lot! :)

I hope you stay healthy and safe!

I will see ya’ll soon! 😀

Srish. xx

One Bad Apple

It is said that usually when you have one bad apple in  bowl of apples, the bad one ends up corroding all the good ones. 

Hey guys! 

Two posts in a row! I am on  roll today. I was thinking about how things, people and circumstances influence our daily life. How ten good things can be ruined just by one bad moment. Even after the thought of how positivity out-rules the negative, you know, good outweighs evil, I still can’t fathom why unfavourable things still do happen. When I say that, I do not mean death or bad grades. I mean the wrong that happens in this world on a daily basis. 

We as human beings were not provided  with a 1400 cc brain to create evil. The world is a beautiful place and so are we. Sometimes, I feel like all everyone needs to do is open their eyes and look around. Look at the little squirrels climbing the tree, the birds chirping and the pigeons creating a chaos. The trees dancing in the wind and the silent music of the breeze all tell us how amazing this creation is. 

So guys, lets nurture ourselves to become good human beings. Let us all open our wings and fly high and let us be that Good apple which can do the undoable and turn that bad apple into a good one. Let’s spread joy and beauty 🙂 

See you all Good apples next time

Stay beautiful

Srish. xx

New Beginnings

This is a short poem that I composed years ago, but was never too sure if I wanted to show it to the world. But, I feel now is the time to let go of the past. A new year, new beginnings and a new motivation!

I write for trust
I write for us
I write for faith
for the forbidden love
I write for you and for me
the love has gone, left to see
the muddy lands,
and the rusty gates are closed.

Is it me or do you feel the same
What you keep saying drives me insane
So if you feel like leaving
Moving farther away from it;
I won’t hold you back
Even if I’ll never be ready for your

I hope you guys like this little poem. It has all the feelings I wanted to share for a loved one, and I would also like to say that, I guess, I need to move on now, I understand that I cannot live in that time stamp anymore 🙂

See you next time

Srish. xx