What I look For in a Guy | Srish

Everything (almost) I look for in my significant other 🙂

I basically want a mix of Harry Styles, Dan Howell, Ronald Weasley, Hunter Hayes and way too many other 😛


Hello everyone!

This week on L4W is guy week! So I get to do an unconditional rant on guys! Well, I guess I’ll keep that for later. I thought that this week I would share what I look for in a boy through the medium of drawing. So I asked my dear friend Mallika to join me and we both made a list of what we look for in a guy. It was then time to turn this list into a collage! I hope you guys like it!

What I look for in a Guy!

Until next Tuesday guys
Srish. xx

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Random Drawing

Hey there!

I hope that all of you are good today! It’s nearly midnight here and I have just been doodling random things. I also ended up drawing this goofy version of my blog name. I thought it looked nice and fun so I decided to share it on here! I hope you all like it! 😀


Also, aren’t the new WordPress emoticons really cool?

See you next time
Srish. Xx

The Woman of Today



Hey guys!
So I decided to sketch today as a stress buster. Sometimes I find that sketching helps me relax and get stress off of my mind. I made this young girl. I define her as confident, strong, smart, intelligent and fearless. These are all the things that every woman in this society should possess. A mind of determination to conquer the impossible 🙂

Have a nice day and I will see you soon!
Srish. Xx

Find your horizon


Not my best sketch, but just a little something to self introspect.

I was sitting in my room and I had a little to many thoughts in my head. Some arguments with friends did not help cheer me up. I was at the same time going through my notebooks and I read about some canals in Amsterdam and decided to sketch something related from the top of my head. Having been there myself a few years ago, I thought about finding your destiny. How the horizon seems to move away as we try to get nearer to it. It taught me that in such a way we also need to extend our limits and capabilities.

Have a good day and I hope you find your horizon 🙂

See you soon
Srish. Xx