UNIVERSITY LIFE| #2.1 What To Carry? Day University

Hey Guys! At times it is confusing to know how much and what all you should carry when you just start the University. It is difficult also because, unlike school, nothing is given to you as written instructions. So if you go to a Day University or College, here is a list of essentials!

  • A backpack – Who said school bags are just for school?!

  • Subject Notebooks – Β The type and number of notebooks is a personal choice. I like to carry a single 7 subject notebook for my 6 classes and I keep the seventh section for rough work or conferences that I attend. Some friends of mine, however, carry separate notebooks for every subject.

  • Your College ID – Make sure that you have your college ID with you at all times.

  • A watch – Always arrive to your classes in time, and if possible, at-least 3-5 minutes early. It not only helps create a good impression but also gives you enough time to settle down.

  • Camera (Phone’s camera) Β – The journey that you take on in a university can only be experienced once in a lifetime and these pictures and videos will always be there with you to cherish these memories.

  • Water Bottle – You need to stay hydrated to retain energy.

  • Food/Snacks – The lucrative canteens and the delicious fast food joints usually become the abode for college students. However, it is essential to maintain a proper diet. So, you should try and carry something with you.

  • Umbrella – It allows flexibility to go from one place to other in changing weather conditions.

Hope this helped you out! All the luck for college! See you next time Srish. xx


University Life| #1 Deciding On A Roommate

Hey Guys!

When you enter the University, it is a completely new environment. This creates challenges for those individuals who are introverted or find it difficult to adjust easily in unknown environment. Most students set foot out of the house for the first time when they start University.

If you know some of your friends from school or your locality, or any of your acquaintances who are joining the same University as you; make sure that you don’t end up sharing a room with them. It is known that hen two best friends are together, they can talk to one another for as long as possible without the need of anyone else. So, old friends as roommates makes it difficult to make new friends. It is normal to feel comfortable with people you know, however, this is when you have to get out of your comfort zone and go for a random roommate.

 You and your roomie gotta turn this into home =)

I was lucky in this and my University had a random roommate policy for freshmen. This made me find three of my best buddies. It also made me understand with whom am I compatible. I could sketch out the basic needs I had as a roommate, which was very helpful for choosing a roommate for the second year.

A random roommate also helps you make new friends, try and test various friend circles and introduce you to free and different Β social lives. And ofcourse, later, you can choose your pick!

I hope this helps those who are filling out forms for University this year. Have the best time possible, this is the time you will grow older, mature and let go of the school stereotypes. Have fun at Uni!

Srish. xx

Stay tuned with the series. Next up, I talk about what to carry for classes!

University: Time Management

Hi there!

I’m sorry for being out for so long. Today, what I’d like to share with you is an accidental experiment that worked out beautifully for me.
So, to crack it down, for all you university students, who are struggling to keep your sleep, study and social cycle in balance, I may have found a key. But wait,it is not as simple. You have to work a bit as well.
Here’s a step by step guide! =)

  1. Check whether you are a morning person or a night person.
  2. Out of your chosen subjects, rank them in order of difficulty/credits.
  3. In your time-table make sure you add 2 hours of flexible time.
  4. Make sure you don’t skip your meals.
  5. If you have a social event one day, make sure that you get enough sleep after that and you can scoop up time the next day for studies.
  6. Smile-fake it till you make it.

I hope this helps you out. If you’d like to know more, or if you have any personal questions about sorting out the time table, you can feel free to write to me! πŸ™‚

But before I leave……..ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Srish. xx

Perfect Android Apps for A College Student

Aloha Guys!

Yes, I am back after this realllyyyyyy long break! πŸ˜€

And today, as I promised, I would like to share with you some great organization apps for android that will definitely help you in college. At this point, I would like to put a disclaimer that I have not been sponsored by any of these companies/apps etc.

So, here we gooooooooooooooooooooooo!


The first and the most basic one is the Google Calendar. It can easily link with your email ID so you can access it anywhere. It is also really good as it notifies you just before your classes and prompts you about when assignments are due.

I would like you to know about an app called Astrid Tasks. This is a beautiful app for creating to-do lists or task lists. You can create a list in check boxes, decide when it prompts you about any notification and the best part is that you can check it off once you are done with it!

There is an application called College Time Table in the app store of your mobile device. This is an app that has your full college time table including where you have which class and who your professor is. It is a crucial app for the initial few weeks of college.

If you are a student who requires heavy mathematics and/or calculations (like maybe Β if you are studying to be an engineer, then any good scientific calculator app is a good thing to be in your mobile device.

An application called β€˜Notes’ is your best friend whenever you are in class and you forget your pen and notebook. I have been using this app for a long time to finish my assignments, write blog posts and things as such. It is useful when you have a 15-20 minute break between classes πŸ˜›

A good voice recorder may also do you good. If you need to review some topic that you feel is extremely difficult, you can always use a voice recorder in your phone to record lectures and review them later.

Google Drive or iCloud or any such services are amazing when you have to make sure that some notes/documents in your phone have a definite backup.

You can also aid your device with games like Heads Up, Piano Tiles or 2048 to make your day a little more fun! πŸ˜€

Hope you liked this post and that these applications help you as much as they have helped me.

See you next time!
Srish. xx

University Hacks!

Hey you guys!

I have been MIA for a few weeks now and I apologize for the same. University has started and any time I get off of ‘uni life’ is spent either eating or sleeping. But don’t worry, I promise to keep you amazing people updated at all times.

So today, I would like to share with some ‘University Hacks’ which I hope will help you stay on top of everything. These are methods that I have devised to not miss classes, and to also be able to take part in every party, meeting or orientation session at university. I have also included lots of University advise for freshers. I hope that these tips help all you incoming freshmen have a fantastic start in your respective universities!

  • Pick random roommates. My university did not have the option to pick and chose your own roommates, and believe me random roommates is the best way to go. You get to meet new people and make new friends. Who knows, your roommate may be your future best friend!
  • Invest in a pair of flip flops or slippers. And when you have those flip flops, always wear them while taking a bath. You have no idea who has been there, and believe me, hostel washroom floors are messy.
  • Be early to your classes. Atleast for the first month. It gives a good impression to your professor/instructor.
  • This point resonates with the last point I made, but please don’t skip your classes. Make sure you attend your lectures. College or University gives you a freeway to skip class, but if you want to fulfill the purpose of higher education, everything that you will get in quizzes and exams, will be from those lectures.
  • Make friends. This is quiet self explanatory, but university is a time when you can meet new people and reinvent yourself. It is not like school where everyone has a predefined notion of who you are, this is new, this is different! πŸ™‚
  • If you do not find roommates that share a common interest with you, don’t change your room within the first month. Stay there, and try to maintain a civil and hostile relationship with your roommate. They may end up being compatible roommates.
  • Carry a daily/weekly and monthly planner. It will help keep all your appointments in schedule and you will be more organized with everything.
  • Always read your time table the night before. My friends missed two of their classes just because they forgot to read the time table correctly. Make sure you go through your time table the night before and early in the morning.
  • This is more towards the hygienic side, but take a bath everyday. Please!
  • You will have the first week of university as fresher’s week. Make the most of it. You will meet new, different people. There will be orientation sessions so you can ask queries during that time period. You will also have DJ nights and parties in your campus (yes, most of these are official), attend them. Attend that dance party even if you can’t dance. But please note, this point is just for the first week of university.
  • Join clubs. If you can’t join lots of clubs, atleast join one club. These college societies are a brilliant way to help you de-stress, meet new people, and share your ideas. Something similar is taking part in open events conducted by the various societies. There are free events for which you can register and have a fun time. You can register for something like that when you know you have a free time slot.
  • The last point, and one of the most important points is to have fun, accomplish what you are there for and keep yourself busy. Have healthy food (because food in University is known for the ‘freshmen15’).

Guys I hope you liked this advice post! If you have any more advise for freshers leave it in the comments down below, and if you are a fresher, let me know if this helped you out! πŸ˜€

See you next time,
Srish. xx

My Favourite College/Uni Tips Videos!

Hey guys!

I will be leaving for my University soon, and I have been watching loads of videos that can help me with this awesome experience. I realized that so many of you guys may be going through the same things, so why not share with you some videos that helped me organize my things for college. I will also list down the things I will carry for my university dorm with me in a future post if you like! πŸ™‚

So here we go! I hope these help you as much as they help me! =)

You will find yourself doing shopping for your university or college dorm. This I find as one of the most time consuming and confusing parts, because you never know whether you are packing too much or too less. One video that helped me out a lot in this dilemma was this one. I also suggest you watch Meghan Rienks’s videos for what to pack for your dorm.

The first thing you will experience as you move in to college is making friends and having roommates. Your orientation will be the best time to know other freshmen. This video is really helpful and has lots of good advice about that!

To have a good college experience, you need to stay in your limits yet have a free mind. The most helpful video is one I found as a random youtube suggestion, but this is definitely worth it.

College is generally a place where students tend to slack off, they do not study much. They end up concentrating more on their social environment and their new found ‘independence’ than their studies. It is essential to fair well in college. There are 2 videos in this list that can help you set your mind to studies, and help you fare well in class.

I hope this little playlist helps you out in your college/university experience. If you have any other video suggestions for college that I should consider, do let me know. I’d love to watch them! πŸ˜€

See you next time!
Srish. Xx

P.s: The collaboration blog that I have with my friends called LifeFourWays will in no way stop. In fact, you can see L4W back in action starting this August! We have loads of stuff planned, and we hope you are excited as much as we are!