Cute Pick Up Lines! ♡

Hey Guys! ❤

Now that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, you may want some inspiration (yeah right) to ask out that someone special, or say something special to them. When I send cards to people, I like to add something cute and silly in them just to make it funny and cute. Adding a sweet maybe funny line makes the person grin a little, and that little smile is totally worth it! So, this Valentine’s Day I share with you some super cute Pick up lines! Now, you may not use them on a person, but you can add them in a card and give it to that special someone! 😉

The Nerdy Ones 
  • Are you the square root of negative one because you can’t be real!
  • You are like a proton in my core–without you i could never be the same.
  • My love for you is like pi… never ending
  • The derivative of my love for you is 0, because my love for you is constant.
Harry Potter Ones 
  • Are you a dementor? ‘Cause you take my breath away
  • You must be a Horcrux because a little piece of me is always with you.
  • Hey, you are my golden snitch. You are the one I’ve been seeking.
  • Did you survive the Avada Kedavra curse? ‘Cause baby you’re drop dead gorgeous!
Just Random Cute ones
  • If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.
  • You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life!
  • You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine.
  • Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell, you don’t know you’re beautiful, but that’s what makes you beautiful!  (yep, I did have to add One Direction there)

Well, send that loved one a beautiful message this valentine’s day! As for me, I am going to watch Caskett interviews and live life vicariously through them. 😛  Also, once you are on it, why not try these One Direction pick up lines like Jack Harries and Caspar Lee did? (I liked the epic fail of this video 😛 )

I will see you next time! 😀

Lots of Love
Srish. xx


Disclaimer: No, I did not make up these pick up lines. I just found them randomly at random places, liked them and so I compiled a list :)

Reacting To Youtubers’ Tweets

Hey there guys!

So today I wanted to react to various tweets sent by some very popular youtubers. I had recently done a poll on what you guys would like me to write about, and the majority votes (43% to be exact) wanted me to write about youtubers. But instead of ranting about why I love them so much, I will be analysing some of their tweets!

Sidenote: I mean no offense to anyone, it is all in good humour. Even these youtubers should know by now that I love them to bits! ❤

Connor Franta’s Bagel:

Connor's Bagel

Marcus Butler’s Thumbnail:

Marcus Thumbnail

Marcus Butler Pretends….:

Marcus Sheep

Tyler Oakley’s sass:

Tyler's sassJacksgap’s Surprise:

Jacksgap surprise

Caspar Lee’s Fasting

Caspar's Fast Ricky Dillon’s Wild Nap:

Ricky in the wilderness

Amazing Phil’s compliment:


Science lessons with Danisnotonfire:

Science with Dan

Troye Sivan’s Autocorrect Dilemma:

Troye's bed

I hope you guys like this! I spent a lot of time editing these pictures. Everything is in good humour and I hope you found it fun! 😀

Is there something specific you would like me to write about? Let me know!

See ya later

Srish. xx

Prank Calling?!?!

Hello there everyone!

I hope all of you are doing great. Now I have spent my whole day procrastinating and watching pranks on youtube. More specifically, prank calls. They are fun when done under a certain limit and generally make you laugh. So, I decided to leave you sexy people with a list of a few prank calls that I enjoyed watching on youtube today!

  • Jim Chapman prank calls youtubers!

  • Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe) teaches us a new way of prank calling!

  • Connor Franta seems to have lost his nephew in Walmart

  • Caspar’s sister seems to have lost something at a hotel


Hope these videos made you laugh as well! Have an awesome day ahead and keep on rocking!

See you guys soon!

Srish xoxo

A Cheeky Preview – Youtube!!

Hello There!

So, most of you may not be aware of who I am, and those who are, are probably my friends or my family. After a year and a half of poems, I decided it was time for me to actually ‘blog’. Now I ask myself, ‘What should I blog about?’. Me? My World (not-so-justin-bieber-edition)?

It is different for me to write about myself. I usually restrict my writing to the world, or what I see in it. I have had a blogspot page for over five years now,and about two years ago I made my wordpress page. However, I have never really written much about things that I like doing or that I fancy (for all Americans out there, fancy means like).

So guys, welcome to my life; it’s a cheeky preview!

So recently, YouTube has gone up the charts! And, also, it has become an entertainment system, like a personal television having shows that you can decide when and where to see, and shows that you can switch.

The most addicting youtubers are those that have the most entertaining content, and for all those of you out there, living under a rock, or in Narnia, where internet could not reach earlier, go on and take a look at these cheeky youtubers! It’s another crazy world out there!

So first off, I will let you see for yourself what fun youtube can be when you are bored at home, tired from a school project or can’t sleep at night.

The best place to start (the list is in no particular order, as all you youtubers out there, doing your thing are amazing) is:

  • JACKSGAP!!!! JacksGap, JacksGap, five minutes of your life that you won’t get back! JacksGap is a channel created by Jack Harries, who now shares it with his twin brother Finn! It is better that you watch them for yourself!

JacksGap – Twins

  • DICASP!!!A channel created by Caspar Lee, a South African youtuber living in London, sure to entertain you!

Caspar Lee – What is One Direction

  • POINTLESSBLOG!!! A channel created by Alfie Deyes, with fun filled challenges and awesome collabs! See it for yourself!

PointlessBlog – Girls Are Confusing

  • ZOELLA!!! For all the girls out there, this is the channel that you must follow!

Zoella – Draw my life

  • MARCUSBUTLERTV!!! Helloooooooooooooooooooo! yeah, that’s the catch phrase of the 21st century!

MarcusButlerTv – Things that only happen in movies

  • TROYE SIVAN!!! Catch this awesome Australian youtuber and singer, a definite thumbs up!

Troye Sivan – Sexy Youtubers

  • IISUPERWOMANII!!! For all Desi’s out there, this is THE channel to see!

IISuperwomanII – Types of kids at school

  • GEEKSLAYER!!! The first ever youtube channel that I subscribed to! His videos (with loads of masalaare a must watch!

GeekSlayer – LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It Parody – Indian and I Know It

So it’s past midnight and I am really tired. I am also aware that I missed out many other really awesome youtubers like Jim Chapman, Tyler Oakley, Tanya Burr, DanIsNotOnFire, Sam Pepper and many many more!

But guys, it’s my youtube time and then I am off to sleep!

See Ya Later Guys!!!