The Best Friend Tag |Srish and Isha

Hey there guys!

Today I present to you, the best friend tag, with Isha!

Where did we meet?

Isha: We met in dance class when we were tiny little babies. I was cute. I don’t know about you. We realised then that we study in the same school. So we met in school and realised that we stayed in the same neighbourhood. We met in the neighbourhood and realised we had nothing else in common, but decided to be friends anyway.

Srish: Yeah I remember Dance classes! Been 4 years since we graduated! I was cute, okay. But I love you so much my Co-queen!!!!!

What is our favourite memory together?

Isha: Last minute panicky backstage rehearsals. And all the times we used to spend at the gate of our dance class waiting for our parents to pick us up.

Srish: I personally really enjoyed the times in school you used to come visit me during recess. And ofcourse, the tiny b’day parties we had!

One word to describe each other

Isha: You are so PO-nny. (That is a take on the word ‘funny’, in case you didn’t notice)

Srish: Umm……brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (yep that’s my word for you).

What is the most important thing you look for in your significant other? 

Isha: He should have a butt like Marky Butt Butt, voice like Alfie, should be tall like Jim, should be a person as awesome as Caspar,  should NOT laugh like Tyler in PUBLIC, and umm should love me, maybe.

Srish: If he loves me and I love him and we understand one another, that’s perfect. Although, he should NOT be anything like you Ishhhhh! 😛

Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?

Isha: Yes. The moment on stage during our dance performance when I forgot the next step and started copying Shivani who herself was doing the wrong step and then you of course had to copy me so basically I transmitted the wrong step around. (This sentence sounds so wrong and long)

Srish: You don’t understand, I am the definition of stupid. I was in a race with 15 other kids, and I fell. Smack in the middle of the track. And one shoe flew at one extreme end, and the other shoe flew to the other end. Yeah, I should have worn a shoe with laces than a slip on. 😛

 Who was the last person you texted?

Isha: Nano. I sent her a weird quote. I’ll send you a screenshot. Do not do the blog without the screen shot.


Srish: The last message I sent was to you asking you to send me the screenshot of the weird quote 😛

 Why are you best friends with your best friends?

Isha: Read point 1. Oh well, I think I can be nice for a moment. You are super cuteeeee dude. Completely chilled out, completely insane and completely a freak. And I guess that’s why we gel together so well. And the fact that I have both of you with me in everything I do, makes me a little bit less scared of doing outrageous things which I would never have done without you too. 😛

Srish: Hahah you are fun, almost all the time.I enjoy talking to you and spending one of the best moments ever. The fact that I can be me with you and not care about anything is what makes you my best friend ever!

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Isha: I wish I could picture something in my mind and have it in front of me in the next second. Something like the pencil in ‘shaka laka boom boom’ but without having to draw stuff. It’ll take me hours then to draw out Joe Sugg.

Srish: I’d want umm…….forget it, it’s a long list 😛

If granted a wish, what would you want to do together?

Isha: Make brownies. I know this is so stupid and its such a simple wish but given the fact that we hardly get to hang out together and for long durations that if I could wish for something It’ll be ‘Time to spend with you guys’

Srish: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :’) I’d probably want to have a roadtrip with you guys! (Nano and Snigdha included too)

What is your song for your best friend?

Isha: Po Po PO pO po Po Po Po PO. That Po Po song from that ajay devgan-sonakshi movie.

Okay, jokes apart, this is my song to you 

Yup I’m gonna stand by you. That’s something you can trust me about. (P.S. If the song starts sounding romantic anywhere, ignore it from that point on)

Srish: That’s so sweet! This is my song to you!



Youtube Addiction Questions!


Methods of Procastination! 😛


So guys, today I will be answering some youtube/youtuber related questions!

1) First youtuber you ever watched? – Geekslayer (

2) Kind of youtube videos you like? – Sketch comedy + vlogs

3) One youtuber that inspires you? – Charlie McDonnell (‎)

4) One youtuber that you can watch all day? – Dan Howell (  

5) Youtuber with the best laugh? – Tyler Oakley


6) Youtuber with the best butt? – Marcus Butler

7) Best youtube ship? – Okay so guys, for this I have 3!! Troyler, Zalfie and Janya! Take your pick!

8) Favourite youtube video? – Wow! That;s tricky. But I guess, any video off of the Indian House series by Geekslayer73!

9) Inspirational Draw my life? – Dan Howell’s!

10) Most interactive draw my life – Ryan Higa (

11) Best Youtuber collabs? – Dan And Phil and Jacksgap + Tyler Oakley    

12) Most awesome series on Youtube? – The ‘Special AuGuest’ series!

13) Most favourite ‘Geek Week’ video? – ‘I Can’t Even’ by Crabstick

14) Best outro in a video? – Troye Sivan!!

15) Youtuber that makes you realize weird things? – Phil Lester


16) Youtuber with innovative ideas? – Jack and Finn Harries

If you would also like to answer this, feel free to copy these questions, And also leave me a link with your answers!
Loads of Love

A Cheeky Preview – Youtube!!

Hello There!

So, most of you may not be aware of who I am, and those who are, are probably my friends or my family. After a year and a half of poems, I decided it was time for me to actually ‘blog’. Now I ask myself, ‘What should I blog about?’. Me? My World (not-so-justin-bieber-edition)?

It is different for me to write about myself. I usually restrict my writing to the world, or what I see in it. I have had a blogspot page for over five years now,and about two years ago I made my wordpress page. However, I have never really written much about things that I like doing or that I fancy (for all Americans out there, fancy means like).

So guys, welcome to my life; it’s a cheeky preview!

So recently, YouTube has gone up the charts! And, also, it has become an entertainment system, like a personal television having shows that you can decide when and where to see, and shows that you can switch.

The most addicting youtubers are those that have the most entertaining content, and for all those of you out there, living under a rock, or in Narnia, where internet could not reach earlier, go on and take a look at these cheeky youtubers! It’s another crazy world out there!

So first off, I will let you see for yourself what fun youtube can be when you are bored at home, tired from a school project or can’t sleep at night.

The best place to start (the list is in no particular order, as all you youtubers out there, doing your thing are amazing) is:

  • JACKSGAP!!!! JacksGap, JacksGap, five minutes of your life that you won’t get back! JacksGap is a channel created by Jack Harries, who now shares it with his twin brother Finn! It is better that you watch them for yourself!

JacksGap – Twins

  • DICASP!!!A channel created by Caspar Lee, a South African youtuber living in London, sure to entertain you!

Caspar Lee – What is One Direction

  • POINTLESSBLOG!!! A channel created by Alfie Deyes, with fun filled challenges and awesome collabs! See it for yourself!

PointlessBlog – Girls Are Confusing

  • ZOELLA!!! For all the girls out there, this is the channel that you must follow!

Zoella – Draw my life

  • MARCUSBUTLERTV!!! Helloooooooooooooooooooo! yeah, that’s the catch phrase of the 21st century!

MarcusButlerTv – Things that only happen in movies

  • TROYE SIVAN!!! Catch this awesome Australian youtuber and singer, a definite thumbs up!

Troye Sivan – Sexy Youtubers

  • IISUPERWOMANII!!! For all Desi’s out there, this is THE channel to see!

IISuperwomanII – Types of kids at school

  • GEEKSLAYER!!! The first ever youtube channel that I subscribed to! His videos (with loads of masalaare a must watch!

GeekSlayer – LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It Parody – Indian and I Know It

So it’s past midnight and I am really tired. I am also aware that I missed out many other really awesome youtubers like Jim Chapman, Tyler Oakley, Tanya Burr, DanIsNotOnFire, Sam Pepper and many many more!

But guys, it’s my youtube time and then I am off to sleep!

See Ya Later Guys!!!