DIY: Origami Hearts | Ziio

My best friend Ziio (that’s her pen name) did a DIY tutorial on how to make an origami heart! Please check it out and give her first blog post some love!!! 😀


Hey guys this is Ziio , going to share something awesome I made for my boyfriend this valentine’s day and you could make the same for your loved one too for any special occasion by simply following the steps below :-

This model requires a square sheet on paper with white on one side and color on the other

pic 1

We are going to start by taking the left edge and folding the paper half such that the left edge is exactly on the right edge and make a crease and then unfold

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

Now we are going to do the same thing the other way. We take the top edge and pull it over to the bottom edge, press and make a crease and then unfold

pic 5 pic 6pic 7

So now we take the bottom edge and pull it up to the horizontal crease in middle and press and make another crease and…

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What I look For in a Guy | Srish

Everything (almost) I look for in my significant other 🙂

I basically want a mix of Harry Styles, Dan Howell, Ronald Weasley, Hunter Hayes and way too many other 😛


Hello everyone!

This week on L4W is guy week! So I get to do an unconditional rant on guys! Well, I guess I’ll keep that for later. I thought that this week I would share what I look for in a boy through the medium of drawing. So I asked my dear friend Mallika to join me and we both made a list of what we look for in a guy. It was then time to turn this list into a collage! I hope you guys like it!

What I look for in a Guy!

Until next Tuesday guys
Srish. xx

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2 States – Chetan Bhagat (Book Review) | Srish

It’s book review week on L4W and I reviewed 2 States by Chetan Bhagat. I hope you like it 🙂


A few years ago, from my local library I picked up my first ever Chetan Bhagat novel. It was called ‘2 States’ and I had expected it to be a mere narrative compilation. I had not expected wit, humour and a successful story when I first decided to read that book. But now I can proudly say that this novel has a special place in my book rack and in my heart.


The story revolves around 2 individuals. The boy, Krish, is from the northern side of india, Delhi, and belongs to a Punjabi family. He moves out to go to one of the finest universities of India and meets the girl of his dreams, Ananya. However, with that comes the horror of telling his parents about a girl that he has found to love. Not only does he have to tell his mother of his love, but also that…

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Living Life Vicariously | Srish

Hello everyone!

It’s obsession week on L4W and here is my post! I hope you like it 😀


Hey Guys!

How have you been? It Tuesday here on L4W and you know what that means (I guess I was on a Grace Helbig marathon 😛 ).  It’s time for Tangled Tuesdays with Srish! So the theme this week is ‘Obsessions’ week. I am a little too obsessed with a little too much, so this post may be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.


First and foremost, I am obsessed with Romance. I am a dreamer and I read, write and breathe romance. If I was on another planet where a physical aura would surround you, it will probably be a plethora of hearts. Ohh, and a lot of chocolates! I love chocolates, and if there could be one food item I could have for the rest of my life, it would probably be chocolate.

It is here that I mention how I am obsessed (musically) with One Direction (

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The Hinglish Culture | Nom

My friend Nom was the surprise Saturday for culture week on L4W! Here I share with you his post! 🙂


Culture is what we learn from other people around us–our community, religion, geographical boundaries, language, among others. Culture is what people do. We even have specific sub-cultures (Which themselves are a mish-mash of cultural values from above) inherited from our parents and extended family. Indian culture is adapting to fit in with the times, which is the coolest thing about culture, basically.

My favorite change is the invention of ‘Hinglish’, an odd mixture of English and literal translations from Hindi (Example, “I’m sitting on the computer” usually means “I’m using the computer”). Evolving as an easy way of understanding the new English life, it spread through monkeying (and now through social media). Hinglish is a curious and, if you view it from a specific perspective, pretty awesome language (Not to forget, hilarious).

Next is bargaining. A good rule of thumb is, if you see a product on a street, then it’s for 20%…

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Internet Culture | Srish

Hey Ya’ll! It’s culture week on Life Four Ways and here is my post! I hope you like it! 😀


Hello Everyone! 🙂

Welcome to Tangled Tuesdays with Srish. The theme this week on L4W is Culture week. So obviously, I had to add my own personal twist to it 😛

I want to talk about a culture that almost everyone on the Internet shares. The Internet Culture. It’s this secret language that you can only be a part of if you are in a continuous touch with technology. Now imagine ‘shipping’ in real life. In-case you aren’t aware of it, shipping is an internet slang which basically means getting two people and saying that you like them together. For instance, my ship is Caskett (Castle and Beckett from Castle). Some people even ship two guys together (like Troyler, Malfie, Phan etc). This is like a secret land, their own language.

Dan meme a Danisnotonfire meme

We have entered the world of meme’s and there is no going way from it! :P…

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Love ♡ | Muskaan

My lovely friend Muskaan was the first surprise Saturday on Life Four Ways! Guys read this post and send her some love! =)


I asked my friend, “Do you believe in love?” He said, “I don’t know”
This question has just two answers- YES or NO. Then why are people so unsure of the answer?
Do they fear love or is it that they’ve never fallen in love before?
Welcome 2014. Welcome February. Welcome Valentine’s Week.
A date nobody forgets. A date you wish to be with your loved ones. A date filled with grief for the heartbroken. A date with a lot of memories.
Hey everyone! I’m Muskaan, the guest, your surprise Saturday for Love Week here on L4W, I’m going to tell you all a teeny-weeny bit about love. Don’t take me to have achieved a PhD on love, but I’ll give you my thoughts.
I understand love in two ways-1. It heals

A broken heart, an open wound, a tear-filled eye, a bad day~ love heals it all.
Remember Nicholas Sparks’s novel…

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