Guess that Tweet Challange | Srish asks Snigdha

Hey Guys!

I just posted the Guess that tweet challenge in which I g0t a score of 1/5. It’s time to search Sniggy’s Tweet knowledge 😛 So I picked out some tweets for her and she had to guess who tweeted them! So, here we go!

1. wow me so sleepy (Youtuber)
Snigdha’s Guess: Jc Caylen
Wrong! The right answer is Ricky Dillon. 



2.  here’s an example: I don’t like cauliflower, SO I DONT EAT IT. ITS THAT EASY (youtuber)
Snigdha’s Guess: Dan Howell.
Woops, it’s the wrong answer. This is actually Slaybecca. I mean, Rebecca Black.

Clearly, it's not Dan! :P

Clearly, it’s not Dan! 😛

3.  I ate a grasshopper yesterday. (Celeb)
Snigdha’s Guess: Dylan O’Brian
Noooo. The right answer is Harry Styles!

Clearly, grass-hop-ppppperrrs

Clearly, grass-hop-ppppperrrs

4. when it comes to advice, giving tends to be a lot easier than asking for me (youtuber)
Snigdha’s Guess: Connor Franta

Yayyie Right!

Yayyie Right!

5. imagined pia in a potato sack. I should sleep (someone you know)
Snigdha’s Guess: Isha
You win Piggy. Its the right answer!



Snigdha’s score is 2/5! And Snigdha wins by one point!
And the winner of the series is Snigdha!!! If you want to see round 1 of this game, you can click here, and it will take you to that page. Also, this was inspired by Ricky Dillon and Andrea Russett’s collab, and it was a fun game!

See you soon,
Srish and Snigdha ❤


Guess that Tweet Challenge | Snigdha Asks Srish

Hey guys!

So I have been loving YouTube this past week (Ok…I have always loved YouTube) and recently Ricky and Andrea did the guess the tweeter challenge. So, Snigdha and I decided to do the same!

Snigdha picked out five tweets for me and I did the same for her. I hope you guys enjoy our stupid, silly and cute challenge.  So here we go!

The ones that Snigdha picked out and I had to guess:

1. Morning coffee is like a round trip to heaven. (Someone you know)
My Guess: It’s you Snigdha!

Clearly I was Right!

Clearly I was Right!

2.  booshka booshka (Youtuber/Singer)
My Guess: Connor Franta
I was sooooooo wrong. It was Trevor Moran

Yep, I was wrong

Yep, I was wrong

3. i’m a sucker for a nice smile & a pair of beautiful eyes (Youtuber)
My Guess: Jc Caylen
I was wrong! The correct answer is Connor Franta

Wrong again!

Wrong again!

4. You’re Basic. (youtuber)
My Guess: Ricky Dillon
Well, yeah, I was wrong. It’s actually Kian Lawley

I understand that.

I understand that.

5.  I always want food at the most unusual time of the day (Youtuber)
My Guess: Connor Franta.
Wrong for the fourth time. It was Marcus Butler. 

Same sentiments.

Same sentiments.

So my final score is….. 1/5. Ummm 20%, could have been worse 😛

I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did you can also check out Ricky Dillon and Andrea Russett do the challenge and do try it! And while are at it go check out Snigdha she writes wonderful and I will see you next time!

See you soon!
Srish and Snigdha ❤

The Music Tag | Srish and Snigdha

Hey Guys! I am back with one of my friends today to do another collab tag! Snigdha and I decided to do a music related collab and hence, here it is, The Music Tag! We talk about some of our favourite music and even the most embarrassing ones. I hope you guys enjoy!

Music Tag

1. Favorite band/ musician of the moment

Srish: To be honest this year I have listened to a lot of Hunter Hayes and One Direction. Along with that I also started listening to a lot of old songs and artists like Madonna and Backstreet Boys. At the moment, I think Hunter Hayes is my favourite!

Snigdha: currently, I am totally in love with R5.

2. One band you always come back to

Srish: The only bands I usually listen to are One Direction and Backstreet Boys. Little Mix are also cool! But if I had to chose a band, I’d say One Direction. Other than them, the artist who I always come back to is Enrique Iglesias!

Snigdha: I always come back to Marianas Trench. They never get old for me. And of course, Blue Oyster Cult is a forever favorite too.

3. Favorite movie soundtrack

Srish: This is really old, but my favourite movie soundtrack and that is, The Sound of Music!

Snigdha: Has to be the from the Step Up movies.

4. What is/are your favorite song(s) of all time?

Srish: Escape, Hero and Do you know by Enrique; Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes, Papa don’t preach by Madonna, any and every song by ABBA, You are my destiny by Lionel Richie…..and the list could just go on!

Snigdha:  Wheel in the Sky by Journey

5. Most embarrassing song on your playlist 

Srish: Best of both worlds – Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Ummm….yeah.

Snigdha: Okay, fine.  It is Old Blue Jeans by Miley Cyrus. Don’t judge me.

6. Top 3 played songs in your playlist

Srish: Storm Warning – Hunter Hayes (I figured), Kabira – Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani (a beautiful Bollywood song) and I love it – Icona Pop (what? I heard it like twice?!?!) 

Snigdha: One: Loud (R5); Two: A billion hits (Ross Lynch); Three: Waiting for Superman (Daughtry)

7. Most underrated musician in your opinion

Srish: Have you heard of Troye Sivan? (I guess you probably have…). He is super talented (known for his role as Spud, as a youtuber and for his song – The fault in our Stars) and I would be the first one to buy his album once he releases it. Catch back on his latest, the 2013 song:

Snigdha: For me, it is a tie between Allstar Weekend and Coco Jones.

8. Favorite quote or song lyric

Srish: “I don’t wanna be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and my peace of mind
I’m tired of looking ’round rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I’m supposed to be, I don’t wanna be anything other than me” 

Snigdha: “And when I look behind
On all my younger times
I’ll have to thank the wrongs
That led me to a love so strong.”

Okay guys! I hope you liked it. I tag all of you out there to do this tag! (Let us know if you do and we will surely check it out).

See ya next time

Srish & Snigdha ❤

Kiss Marry Reject| Srish and Nano

Hey guys!

New year greetings to all my beautiful readers! Today Nano and I decided to play kiss marry kill. But I felt like ‘kill’ was a little too extreme, so instead i decided to put in Kiss Marry Kill Reject.

1) Connor Franta, Marcus Butler, Jack Harries

Srish: Marry Connor, Kiss Jack and Reject Marcus. Marry Connor because he is the definition of perfection and is so totally frantastic! Reject Marcus probably because Miomi (Marcus and Niomi) is a perfect ship!

Nano: Marry Connor because he is frantastic and single (maybe) and kiss Marcus butler because i’m nice and i like Niomi too. and reject Jack.

2) Andrew Garfield, Alex Day, Liam Payne

Srish: Marry Alex Day because he just seems amazing, kiss Andrew Garfield and reject Liam Payne (I still love one direction though)

Nano: Marry Andrew Garfield,  kiss Liam Payne and reject Alex. because I only like Andrew Garfield out of all the options. 😛

3) Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Finn Harries

Srish: Marry Harry Styles, kiss Finn Harries and reject Bieber. I’m sorry Biebs!

Nano: Marry Finn , kiss Harry and reject JB. was that even a question?
4) Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Jim Chapman

Srish: Marry Dan Hotness Howell, kiss Jim and reject Phil (I don’t want it  to be awkward between Dan and Phil, but Philip Lester you are amazing).

Nano:Marry Phil Lester, kiss  Jim Chapman(not really want to though) and reject  Dan, simply because of you Srish.

5) Nick Jonas, Cole Sprouse, Ricky Dillon

Srish: Marry Ricky, kiss Nick and reject Cole Sprouse (he used to be my first crush but I am not liking the long hair).

Nano: Marry Ricky Dillon! Reject rest. Can I please? Just for once? I don’t want to kiss either.

6) Kian Lawly, Charlie McDonnell, Alfie Deyes

Srish: Marry Charlie, Kiss Kian and reject Alfie. Reject Alfie just because I ship Zalfie (Zoella and Alfie)!

Nano: marry Kian Lawley, best looking (but I ship Kiandrea, I swear!) , kiss Alfie and reject Charlie(haven’t seen a video yet)

7) Joe Sugg, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley

Srish: Marry Joe, kiss Troye and Tyler! And ship Troyler at the same time!

Nano: Marry Joe, kiss Troye(also i love his voice), Tyler I’m sorry, but i love his laugh.

8) Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter), Ruper Grint(Ron Weasley), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom)

Srish: Marry Rupert Grint (I’ve had a crush on Ron Weasley for about 10 years now!), kiss Matthew, and reject Daniel.

Nano: Same order. No reason.

9) Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

Srish: Marry Coffee, kiss hot chocolate and reject tea.

Nano: Marry coffee(as if you don’t know how much i love starbucks), Kiss hot chocolate and reject tea.

10) Pizza, Sleep, internet

Srish: Marry the internet (I am still on it), kiss sleep and reject pizza. Sorry food, but Internet and sleep are more important 😛

Nano: Marry Sleep(you always crave what you have less of) , kiss internet(CANNOT live without it) and reject Pizza(not one of my favourite foods anyways)

Hope you guys liked this random little post!

See you next time

Srish and Nano. xoxo

The Truth About Lies| Srish and Muskaan

Hey guys!

I’m here today with one of my best friends ever, the one and only Muskaan! We were on a call today and were discussing how often we lie and what are the most common things people generally lie about. We decided to put up a list of the same, and here it goes!

1) Awwwh that’s such a sweet b’ day present! Thank you so much –  It is like a rote learned remark accompanied by a fake grin that you give while receiving gifts. You know it’s the worst gift you could have ever gotten.

2) This tastes delicious grandma –  It’s probably horrible and you can’t swallow another bite but you say this to your Grandma just to make her smile.

3) I was late because of a family emergency – I just overslept and forgot that there was something known as ‘school’ for a while. 


4) I am not feeling well, I can’t go to school today mommy – I am tired and I feel like cuddling with my blanket for just a little bit longer.

5) I’m fine – That’s one thing girls say most often. Someone once told me, “whenever a girl says she’s fine, a guy should beware”. It’s the time when the girl will totally EAT YOU UP.


6) That dress looks so good on you – Probably not your best outfit.

7) I was not waiting for your call – Even though you were desperately waiting for your phone to ring, you say this. It became obvious when you answered on the first ring.

8) I’ll start dieting from Monday – ‘Monday’ is a code for noneday.

9) I did not do it – Obviously you didn’t. Miracles do happen sometimes.Image

10) I don’t lie – Yeah, ofcourse you don’t. It just happens to feel like you’re lying every time. Stop making up stories and get a life 🙂

I hope you guys liked it! Please press the star down there and tell me some more common lies that you have come across! Muskaan and I would really like to see your views!

See you later guys!

Srish and Muskaan ❤

MASH |Srish and Nano

Hey guys!

I am back with the girl who shares my lunches (I was peer pressured into writing that)

Nanaki and I are back with something fun!

Remember MASH? Well, if you don’t, it is a game in which there are 6 categories;

Type of house, Husband, Job, Mode of Transport, Country and Pet! Nanaki and I played MASH, and chose each other’s fates!

Here goes our results! :

Nano’s result, as calculated by me:
MASH potato

So basically, Nano is living in an apartment with Finn Harries (omg lucky youuuuu). According to her job profile, she is a cat food tester, her mode of transport is a sled dog. She lives in Uganda and her pet is a Pomeranian (who looks like Sawyer Hartman’s dog, Hitch)

Srish’s Result as calculated by Nano :


And me? I am living in a house, am married to Dan Howell (omfg). I am a plumber (in Nano’s society) and my mode of transport is a bullock cart (wtf). I live in the UK and have a pet hamster.

Wow, what weird fates!

I hope you enjoyed this random  little blog!

Talk to you guys next time,

Srish and Nano . xoxo

The Best Friend Tag |Srish and Isha

Hey there guys!

Today I present to you, the best friend tag, with Isha!

Where did we meet?

Isha: We met in dance class when we were tiny little babies. I was cute. I don’t know about you. We realised then that we study in the same school. So we met in school and realised that we stayed in the same neighbourhood. We met in the neighbourhood and realised we had nothing else in common, but decided to be friends anyway.

Srish: Yeah I remember Dance classes! Been 4 years since we graduated! I was cute, okay. But I love you so much my Co-queen!!!!!

What is our favourite memory together?

Isha: Last minute panicky backstage rehearsals. And all the times we used to spend at the gate of our dance class waiting for our parents to pick us up.

Srish: I personally really enjoyed the times in school you used to come visit me during recess. And ofcourse, the tiny b’day parties we had!

One word to describe each other

Isha: You are so PO-nny. (That is a take on the word ‘funny’, in case you didn’t notice)

Srish: Umm……brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (yep that’s my word for you).

What is the most important thing you look for in your significant other? 

Isha: He should have a butt like Marky Butt Butt, voice like Alfie, should be tall like Jim, should be a person as awesome as Caspar,  should NOT laugh like Tyler in PUBLIC, and umm should love me, maybe.

Srish: If he loves me and I love him and we understand one another, that’s perfect. Although, he should NOT be anything like you Ishhhhh! 😛

Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?

Isha: Yes. The moment on stage during our dance performance when I forgot the next step and started copying Shivani who herself was doing the wrong step and then you of course had to copy me so basically I transmitted the wrong step around. (This sentence sounds so wrong and long)

Srish: You don’t understand, I am the definition of stupid. I was in a race with 15 other kids, and I fell. Smack in the middle of the track. And one shoe flew at one extreme end, and the other shoe flew to the other end. Yeah, I should have worn a shoe with laces than a slip on. 😛

 Who was the last person you texted?

Isha: Nano. I sent her a weird quote. I’ll send you a screenshot. Do not do the blog without the screen shot.


Srish: The last message I sent was to you asking you to send me the screenshot of the weird quote 😛

 Why are you best friends with your best friends?

Isha: Read point 1. Oh well, I think I can be nice for a moment. You are super cuteeeee dude. Completely chilled out, completely insane and completely a freak. And I guess that’s why we gel together so well. And the fact that I have both of you with me in everything I do, makes me a little bit less scared of doing outrageous things which I would never have done without you too. 😛

Srish: Hahah you are fun, almost all the time.I enjoy talking to you and spending one of the best moments ever. The fact that I can be me with you and not care about anything is what makes you my best friend ever!

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Isha: I wish I could picture something in my mind and have it in front of me in the next second. Something like the pencil in ‘shaka laka boom boom’ but without having to draw stuff. It’ll take me hours then to draw out Joe Sugg.

Srish: I’d want umm…….forget it, it’s a long list 😛

If granted a wish, what would you want to do together?

Isha: Make brownies. I know this is so stupid and its such a simple wish but given the fact that we hardly get to hang out together and for long durations that if I could wish for something It’ll be ‘Time to spend with you guys’

Srish: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :’) I’d probably want to have a roadtrip with you guys! (Nano and Snigdha included too)

What is your song for your best friend?

Isha: Po Po PO pO po Po Po Po PO. That Po Po song from that ajay devgan-sonakshi movie.

Okay, jokes apart, this is my song to you 

Yup I’m gonna stand by you. That’s something you can trust me about. (P.S. If the song starts sounding romantic anywhere, ignore it from that point on)

Srish: That’s so sweet! This is my song to you!