Old Friendships

Hey Guys!

These few weeks were spent trying to catch up with old buddies that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s a lot of fun meeting old friends that you had lost contact with and to realise that despite being apart you can easily slide back into the same friendship you had. People seemed to have changed a lot, from their hair to their looks and their outlook in life, yet they are somehow the same.

I have always wondered how it is that circumstances make us change, so much sometimes that we completely forget who we used to be. That shy person is suddenly the most outgoing person you know. Remember that really popular mean girl in school, well she isn’t the popular or mean anymore. Growing up does change you, that’s for sure.

On speaking to many others, I realised that some of them had lost their charm. I couldn’t understand them anymore, and I couldn’t picture myself making friends such as those. Was it just them who had changed, or was I responsible for changing myself? The society holds you to many standards, and it is always essential to find what and who you are. You need to stand true to yourselves as well- and this feeling of ‘self’ their individuality was what suddenly went missing.

In other news, L4W is going to come back (again). We would be posting more information on the blog soon and all the details and the categories will be shared on the website as well.

See you next time!

Srish. xx