Birthday Wishes for your roommate!


Hey guys!

So, I have realised that one of my most popular posts is birthday wishes for my roommate. Now that I think about it, most of you with roommates may be looking for innovative ideas to wish your roommate a very happy birthday. Since this was so in demand, I thought I’d write down various ideas/steps that may help you out.


  • Materialistic gifts lose their charm quiet often, however, special thoughts/surprises are always remembered. Cook them their favourite meal and serve them breakfast in bed.
  • Instead of buying a cake, why don’t you bake one for them, with their favourite flavours!
  • Write down a letter in an old fashioned way and post it to them via a letterbox (yeah the original way). That’ll get them in high spirits.
  • Write down lovely messages on paper and put them inside balloons. Once they pop a balloon, they get the message! You can innovate exciting ways in which you’d like them to pop those balloons. We’ve tried it about 10 times and it never gets old.
  • Try to recreate a fun old memory/inside joke that you have with your roommate.
  • If they are a Harry Potter fan, get them their Hogwarts letter!
  • Plan out an outing (for the future) and surprise them by doing all the boring paperwork.
  • Volunteer to buy the groceries and do the cleaning. That’s one of the best gifts ever.
  • Since Pokemon Go is such a huge thing, volunteer to do the gymming for them! 😛

How to write down your wishes

  • Wish them
  • Write about your favourite memories. Things/moments that you will cherish forever.
  • Why they are an important part of your life.
  • Something super cheesy or embarrassing always works!
  • Don’t make it formal. It just seems like you don’t mean it, or that you’re trying too hard.
  • Include fun little pictures if you can
  • Just be you


Hope these ideas help you out!

Srish. xx

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Please share your views! =)

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