UNIVERSITY LIFE| #2.1 What To Carry? Day University

Hey Guys! At times it is confusing to know how much and what all you should carry when you just start the University. It is difficult also because, unlike school, nothing is given to you as written instructions. So if you go to a Day University or College, here is a list of essentials!

  • A backpack – Who said school bags are just for school?!

  • Subject Notebooks –  The type and number of notebooks is a personal choice. I like to carry a single 7 subject notebook for my 6 classes and I keep the seventh section for rough work or conferences that I attend. Some friends of mine, however, carry separate notebooks for every subject.

  • Your College ID – Make sure that you have your college ID with you at all times.

  • A watch – Always arrive to your classes in time, and if possible, at-least 3-5 minutes early. It not only helps create a good impression but also gives you enough time to settle down.

  • Camera (Phone’s camera)  – The journey that you take on in a university can only be experienced once in a lifetime and these pictures and videos will always be there with you to cherish these memories.

  • Water Bottle – You need to stay hydrated to retain energy.

  • Food/Snacks – The lucrative canteens and the delicious fast food joints usually become the abode for college students. However, it is essential to maintain a proper diet. So, you should try and carry something with you.

  • Umbrella – It allows flexibility to go from one place to other in changing weather conditions.

Hope this helped you out! All the luck for college! See you next time Srish. xx


Permanent Vacation

Hey Guys!

I hope you have been good. My end-terms have ended, and my University vacations start soon. I haven’t been so excited for a break in  a long time. Since, I do not have much to study, I have been hooked on youtube videos for the past two days.

5SOS sung their new song ‘Permanent Vacation’ for the first time in Lisbon on 4th May. If you like upbeat pop rock music, you will love it! Here is a link to the video (I found it on youtube):

Their stage presence is amazing! There is so much to learn from the way they manage a crowd! 🙂

Also, while listening to this, I found a video by Tobias Ward covering this song. This guy is truly amazing! You should check out his cover as well. Here’s a link :

After listening to his cover, I think I watched all his previous covers as well! He has a really beautiful voice and his guitar skills are on point!
If you see this Tobias, keep doing what you’re doing and all the best! 😀

See you guys soon
(New University Life series post coming soon)