Aladdin | Movie Review


Here’s a new post! I review Aladdin the movie, and share with you the lessons I learnt :)

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Be a prince, princess, king, queen, but most importantly Be You.

Hey everyone! I will be reviewing one of the most beautiful movies ever made, Aladdin. Disney has been great in sharing with us folk tales and stories from centuries past, and all of them have a special message to convey.


Aladdin is a story about a young boy, a ‘street rat’ who survives on petty thievery to fill his stomach. He along with his friend Abu, live like nomads, always on the move. But his nature is beautiful. He is caring, loving, charming and his looks are to die for! Then there is princess Jasmine, beautiful, sweet and a strong minded woman. Her father, the Sultan wants to marry her off but according to the scriptures, she needs to be married to a prince.

A parallel story is of Jafar, the advisor to the palace. He is crude and…

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How do you know? | Poem


My new poem! Hope you like it :)

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How do you know
where you got to go?
How do you know
what you ought to feel?

How do you know
where to run and hide?
How do you know
what you’re feeling is right?

Do you think it through
what you feel inside,
when our hands touch
and electricity shines the light.

Do you sometimes wonder,
how the time stands still
when our eyes lock
in the silent night.

Srish. xx

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University: Time Management

Hi there!

I’m sorry for being out for so long. Today, what I’d like to share with you is an accidental experiment that worked out beautifully for me.
So, to crack it down, for all you university students, who are struggling to keep your sleep, study and social cycle in balance, I may have found a key. But wait,it is not as simple. You have to work a bit as well.
Here’s a step by step guide! =)

  1. Check whether you are a morning person or a night person.
  2. Out of your chosen subjects, rank them in order of difficulty/credits.
  3. In your time-table make sure you add 2 hours of flexible time.
  4. Make sure you don’t skip your meals.
  5. If you have a social event one day, make sure that you get enough sleep after that and you can scoop up time the next day for studies.
  6. Smile-fake it till you make it.

I hope this helps you out. If you’d like to know more, or if you have any personal questions about sorting out the time table, you can feel free to write to me! :)

But before I leave……..ANNOUNCEMENT!

Would you like to collaborate with me on a project? Submit your name and twitter username/ email ID below. You can also reach me by tweeting me @Srishblogs.

Srish. xx

Welcome 2015!

Hey Guys!!!

I hope you have been good. I wish all you guys a very Happy New Year and hope that the new year is filled with lots of joy and happiness for you and your families! :)

I have had a very beautiful year, 2014. I have stumbled, but I have learnt to get up. There have been ups and downs in my life, I am sure that every individual has them, but what is great is that despite those, I have learnt how to maintain a stability in my world. As per the blogging sphere, I have experimented with my style of writing a lot.
I made a collaboration blog with my three best friends, and we rocked it. We have lacked on posts over there, and each one of us has been very busy with starting out a new phase of our lives. But we promise, to get back on it :)

This year, I made new friends, I learnt many life lessons and I am very grateful for those. But most of all, I am grateful to all of you. You guys, my lovely readers have supported my writings for such a long time, and I thank you for being a part of this blogging family.

Here is to spending the New Year 2015 with happiness, love and positivity!!

See you soon
Srish. xx

Beside You


Hope you enjoy. xx

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Hey guys!

I have been obsessed with 5 Seconds of Summer, or more commonly known as 5SOS lately. I have fallen in love with their song ‘Beside You’. It is lyrically one of the most beautiful songs, it is emotional, inspiring and romantic. It has also inspired me to write a poem. I hope you like the poem :)

You got a ticket to a whole new world,
spread your wings like a free bird
and my heart says to you,
I know you miss me too.

Maybe what you say is true
sleepless nights, old and blue
that empty pillow next to mine
I miss your smile, your charming sign.

We see the same Sun, stars and moon,
my heart knows we’ll meet soon
when your clothes still fall to the floor
it makes me miss you more

You promised that you’ll come home soon
tell me you’ll bring…

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Somebody To You | Fanfiction (Brad from The Vamps)

Hey Guys!

I am back. But this time with something completely different than anything you have ever seen on my blog before. Yep, you read the title right…’s a fanfiction!!!! I hope you enjoy. I’ll put in a disclaimer none the less; everything in the story is a work of fiction, and despite being a fanfic has no resemblance to anyone. I just wanted to write something :P

Enjoy =)

    I was asleep for the past half hour, I think. With earphones on, I had missed my station on the tube. Another fifteen minutes will be wasted to travel back home. Brad would be waiting for me. He was back home after a month; but stupid me, who sleeps on the tube? Brad’s voice was still ringing in my ears. I decided to pack my earphones and my music player and get down on the next station. I will have to take the tube back anyways.

    I can hear the tube coming in from the opposite station to take me back home. I rush to the other platform and catch the tube back home. After a ten minute long walk to our beach house, I finally reach back home- into the arms of my love, my life. I unlock the door expecting Bradley to be snuggled in bed, asleep after a long twelve hour flight. I put my carry bag on the sofa and go to the kitchen for a glass of water. Guess what?! I am greeted by a chirpy face, Brad, dancing around the kitchen wearing an apron and making pancakes!

    My Brad, my life. His pancake making skills aren’t as great as his flattering skills. He picks me in his arms and covers us both in flour. The smile on my face could never falter after this moment. We hug, we kiss and we snuggle. I missed my love, my heart and my soul when he was away. 

I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll leave you with a video to support my fanfiction. It’s ‘Someody to you’ by The Vamps ft Demi Lovato :)

See you next time
Srish. xx


Hey Guys!!!!

I hope you are well. I am back after a hike and today I need your genuine advice. I was lucky enough to travel to The United Arab Emirates in these Diwali vacations. I visited Dubai (majorly), Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

I have been thinking about writing a travelogue of the same to share my experience with you. But, I was also wondering if you would like to have a Dubai Travel Guide for Tourists, based on my personal experience? I realised that I can travel amazingly in Dubai now that I have been there.

It would mean a lot if you could answer a poll letting me know whether you would like to read a travelogue or a Travel Guide for you!

I’d like to make this interesting for all you guys!

You can also write what you’d like me to write in the comments down below!!!

Happy Reading! :D
Srish. xx